It was a pleasant surprise for me to see my hair growth on the bald area. All thanks to Dr. Y.V. Rao’s clinics for giving me the best treatment for hair transplant with the fine technique. I appreciate the skilful and cooperative staff for making me comfortable during pre and post-surgery. 

Date of Surgery: 14-02-2018 19:56
Thank You


Baldness was causing a lot of shame in me. People used to stare at me and comment on me which was big time devastating for me. Especially, I was losing hair at such young age that was causing demotivation in me. So, I decided to go for FUE hair transplantation with Dr. Y.V. Rao’s clinics as it was suggested by my close friend.  I got a very nice treatment and service over here. My surgery was successful and I have started regaining my hair. I am happy and satisfied with overall outcome.

Date of Surgery: 03-04-2018 17:55
Thank You


I was getting depressed day by day due to my problem of hair loss and baldness, till I discovered Dr. Y.V. Rao’s clinics. After the hair transplantation, I can say that I have fought the hair loss successfully. I extend a Big Thank You to the entire staff of  Dr. Y.V. Rao’s clinics for treating me so well and giving an absolutely brand new look. Thank you for giving me back my lost glory. 

Date of Surgery: 10-04-2018 19:18
Thank You


My experience was no less than perfect. The entire team is friendly and wonderfully supportive. The atmosphere and ambience of the clinic is relaxing and calm. The staff makes you feel at home. The entire process of hair transplantation was pretty smooth and painless. My hair fallacies have grown up stronger and healthier. I am very pleased by the treatment I have received.


Date of Surgery: 28-04-2018 16:59
Thank You