Innovative Hair Transplant Surgery in Hyderabad

Innovative Hair Transplant Surgery in Hyderabad

If you are searching for a clinic that provides latest and completely trustworthy and safe clinic for hair transplantation in Hyderabad it is Dr Y V Rao clinic in Hyderabad. Dr Rao's credentials, qualifications and experience in the field are enough to have a full trustworthy and reliable treatment for your hair condition.

Hair transplant is a technical procedure which is a best remedy available for people suffering hair fall with its consequences of baldness and its adverse effect on the personality and confidence level of the patient. Probably hair transplant is the only viable remedy when other remedies like diet, medication and massage and topical applications for hair growth are not successful.

Hair transplant is done with patient's own hair being transplanted to the area of the scalp which have very little or no hair. Hair is extracted from the areas of scalp which have more hair. The extraction is done very carefully so that the area from which hairs are extracted are sufficiently covered by the neighbouring hair growth in the area. A successful hair transplant procedure will ensure natural hair growth and disappearance of baldness completely.

There is a steady flow of hair transplant patients to his clinic and there is a satisfied group of patients who have taken hair transplant treatment and forgotten their baldness with resumption of their hair growth.

Hair transplant surgery is performed by the state-of- the art Follicular Unit Transplantation and Follicular Extraction Techniques. The technique is the latest and tested procedure ensuring natural growth of hair.

The procedure involves local anaesthesia and is not painful. In simple words Follicular units(hair) are extracted from a donor area like back of the scalp where hair growth is comparatively better, and are inserted in the recipient area such as front scalp where baldness usually occurs in most cases.

It is a very specialised procedure where follicular units are either extracted and inserted in single units or are microscopically dissected from single strip harvesting and then replanted in units to the recipient area. It takes two to three months for the natural hair to grow in the recipient area.

Some precautions and medicines will have to be taken during the period as advised by the doctor. You can fix your treatment time so that your work schedules are not disturbed. You can take appointment with the doctor, discuss your case and hair condition, get your queries addressed and start your journey of transformation into a new life with abundant hair growth.

Your Review of Innovative Hair Transplant

surfraj mohammed

i was obsessed with hair fall. i have taken medicinal treatment for hair thinning from past 3 years. dr. here understand my hair cause and suggested me to go for non surgical hair replacement, that's what i like about them however i visited other clinics and they are forcing me to go for hair transplant. hair replacement process was good i like the way they treated the patient and staff was very polite.

venkatesh mardala

i had gone through fut hair transplant at berkowits and i think their doctors are extremely good and they know their job well, overall surgery was good and painless. but i must say that they should low down their fees for middle class.