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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Hyderabad, India

Have some inherited defects in your breasts? At Dr Y V Rao Clinic, we are set to give you the best for your look. With advanced techniques in flap based reconstruction and implant based reconstruction, we make sure the end result is a flawless beautiful pair of breast involving minimal risk to skin and health. It includes various surgeries like breast lift, breast reduction, breast augmentation, improves the overall size and shape of your breast in no time.

Why Choose Us

  • Best Cosmetic surgery treatment in India
  • Affordable Costs
  • 25+ Years of Effectise
  • 2000+ Hair Transplants
  • Natural Looking Hair Line & Results
  • Performed By Plastic Surgein
  • All Types Of Cosmetic/Plastic Procedures
  • Sincerely & Frankly Explains All Aspects Of Cosmetic Procedures
  • Advanced Methods Reduces Downtime

Your Review of Breast Reconstruction


when i came to dr.yv rao i had one breast that was much smaller and very odd shaped. i had previously had multiple surgeries on my breast due to a reoccurring abcess. i was not very optimistic about it being able to be fixed. at my first appointment dr.yv rao made me feel so much better about my situation. now, 2 months after surgery i am very happy with my results.


i had had previous breast reconstruction but it was not satisfactory. dr yv rao performed a revision to fix the surgery and i am very pleased with the outcome. the end result of my surgery is great!!


after surgery i no longer had pain or discomfort. my new breasts look natural with old mastectomy scars nearly invisible and new scar placement less obvious. i felt confident that dr. holland would give me the best possible outcome. pain and discomfort free, able to move and exercise without problems.


i love the staff they are amazing! i felt very safe. the work was amazing.