Hair Growth

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Hair Growth Treatment in Hyderabad

Hair is made up of dead keratinized cells along with Iron, calcium, amino acids, magnesium, selenium, zinc minerals which form the structure of the hair.

Salon treatments can grow better hair and strengthen hair

The nails and hair that grow out from the body are dead. You cannot apply anything on the dead hair shaft to make it grow better from the inside. The external treatments can make your hair look better for few days, till the effect lasts, but they do not strengthen the hair or prevent hair loss.

To grow hair these are necessary

  • Antioxidants-neutralise the free radicals and toxin free environment for cells.
  • Iron, calcium, amino acids, magnesium, selenium, zinc minerals for the structure of the hair.
  • B-complex, Biotin, Vitamins A, C, D, Omega 3, co-enzymes, catalysts, are task force to build up the structure of the hair.

Hair is a non essential organ

  • Hair has no contribution to the functioning of the body.
  • Hair growth is optional, only permitted when entire body is in good health and there are nutrients to spare for hair growth OR else body arrests hair growth to spare nutrients for more vital functions for maintaining good health.

Hair is the only organ that grows when cells die due to keratinization. The hair grows out is dead.

  • You cannot continue to apply protein packs, treatments on dead hair to stop the fall or grow it better.
  • The hair will become manageable and look better due to such external treatments but real strength and growth always comes from inside.

Hair Growth - 4 months cycle

  • Growth - Breakdown- Fall - Resting phase followed by Re-growth & - Cycle should continue.
  • But under unfavorable conditions hair remains in resting phase and refuses to go back in growth phase.
  • Providing stimulation for growth along with building blocks required to generate new hair will then stimulate this hair back in to growth cycle.
Hair Growth Treatment in Hyderabad