Liposuction in Hyderabad

Liposuction in Hyderabad


Liposuction can guarantee a neat and perfects body shape without much hustle. You cannot deny the fact that you tend to gain confidence when you own perfect body. Excess fats cells are sucked out from abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chest, back, arms, face and neck. For a traditional Liposuction you are administered with a diluted anesthesia and epinephrine. There is no possibility of blood loss or bruisings, due to accurate fat removal. Some cases demand Mega Liposuction where large amount of fat removal is done and 10 -15 liters of fat is removed at once. There are certain precautions to be taken before and after undergoing a Liposuction surgery. This will be discussed in detail with the doctor.

A lean and fit body is the ultimate goal of every human being both male and female. Who wants flabby arms or legs or thighs or a bulging stomach. Now, you can say goodbye to all those flabby appendages you have by checking in to Dr Y V Rao Clinic in Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam for a liposuction procedure. Liposuction is a time tested procedure that can remove unwanted fat cells from various parts of your body.

A fit body and perfect figure is something that everyone craves for. However, due to medical conditions, it is not possible for everyone to hit the gym or do intense exercises. Liposuction is an effective and highly useful surgery that helps you achieve the body of your dreams. A perfect body not only makes you look good but also boosts confidence.

What is Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction is a laparoscopic surgery in which short incisions of size 2 mm to 3 mm are made in the areas with an excess of fat. It is also called as Keyhole Surgery. The physician inserts cannula, a thin tube-like device that aids in sucking out the fluid fat cellulite. Later, once the suction is complete, the incisions are left open for drainage.

Liposuction surgery can be worked on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chest, back, arms, face, and neck. The surgery ensures giving a perfect body shape.

Who can undergo Liposuction Surgery?

People above 18 years of age can go for liposuction surgery and get rid of excess fat. Those who want to change the aesthetic of the body and counter the body parts can opt for it. In general, liposuction surgery is for those who have a stable body weight but want to remove fat deposits from certain body parts.

It is advised to follow a specific diet routine and maintain body weight before the surgery. Moreover, the doctor recommends following healthy eating habits and indulging in a fitness regimen to retain the result of surgery for a longer duration.

Who should avoid getting Liposuction Surgery?

People with heart diseases and blood clotting disorder should avoid taking surgery. Pregnant women are also not eligible candidates for liposuction. It should be noted that liposuction surgery is not a treatment for obesity. It cannot treat stretch marks or cellulite. However, it can reduce the extra and undesired fat from otherwise a healthy person.

What are the different kinds of Liposuction Surgery?

There are two major kinds of liposuction surgery:

  • Traditional Liposuction Surgery- It is one of the safe and effective liposuction surgeries wherein diluted anesthesia and epinephrine are given to the patient. It helps to remove the excess of fat without scarring, bruising or blood loss.
  • Mega Liposuction Surgery- It removes fat in large amount and it little complex than the traditional one. Around 10-15 liters of fat is believed to remove in this procedure.

The patient is required to follow certain precautions before and after a Liposuction surgery. The doctor provides all the information along with do's and don’ts before the surgery. Following the precautions helps in decreasing the downtime of the surgery and speed up the recovery time and result.

The procedure time depends on the amount of fat to be removed. It can take 1 hour or more to accomplish the surgery successfully. Full recovery is usually within 1 week. However, at the same time, it is advised to follow the precautions to get faster and effective results.

Why you should choose Dr. Y V Rao Clinics for Liposuction Surgery?

Dr. Y V Rao Clinic in Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam are the most renowned, trusted and reliable clinic to get liposuction surgery. So if you want to get rid of flabby arms, legs or things or a bulging stomach, liposuction surgery is just for you. It is a time tested procedure that can remove unwanted fat cells from various parts of your body.

Moreover, Dr. Y V Rao Clinics has a team of most skilled, knowledgeable and competent plastic surgeons that ensure endowing the best result. They are certified and capable to provide top-notch class treatment at affordable rates. The surgery is done only after examining the medical condition of the patient so that he gets the most apt treatment.

For a finely chiseled and toned body get your liposuction done at the state-of-the-art Dr. Y V Rao Clinic in Hyderabad or in Visakhapatnam by the best cosmetic surgeons in India. You can get the most effective treatment at highly affordable rates.

Contact Dr. Y V Rao Clinic for further inquiries.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction surgery offers many benefits that include

  • Removing unwanted fat cells
  • Streamlining the body
  • Improving health due to weight loss
  • Increasing self-belief and self-confidence

Liposuction Surgery Procedure

The procedure involved in liposuction surgery include

  • Injecting local anesthesia and epinephrine
  • Creating tumescence in fat cells
  • Removing tumescent fat cells through vacuum technique
  • Removing large chunks of fat with mega liposuction

The procedure time depends on the amount of fat to be removed and can take upwards of 1 hour. Full recovery is usually within 1 week.

Liposuction Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

Liposuction utilizes a suction technique for the removal of unwanted fat from the body. The surgery shapes and contours the body parts giving you a perfect shape. The cost of liposuction at Hyderabad is from Rs 60,000 to Rs 2,00,000 at D. Y V Rao Clinic that depends upon the areas of the surgery.


Liposuction surgery is relatively a harmless procedure that has minimal side effects. They may include the following:

  • Changes in sensation
  • Pain
  • Discoloration of skin
  • Swelling
  • Bruises
  • Irregularities in skin

These vanish during the recovery period.

For a finely chiseled and toned body get your liposuction done at the state-of-the-art Dr Y V Rao Clinic in Hyderabad or in Visakhapatnam by the best cosmetic surgeons in India. 

Liposuction FAQ's

1. What parts of the body are eligible for liposuction treatment/surgery?

Ans. There are many parts in the body where fat deposits are stubborn and do not melt away easily. Some of the major areas include abdomen, waist, neck, cheeks, upper arms, breast, chest region, inner thighs, outer thighs, back, ankles, calves, hips and Buttocks. Belly fat is the most stubborn of all! It depends on the prospective patient whether they want to get liposuction done in a specific body part or all over.

2. Will the liposuction procedure leave scars on the body?

Ans. Small cuts/incisions will be made during the liposuction procedure. However, these cuts are made in hidden areas. Patients should be stress-free as this weight loss procedure is absolutely safe and does not leave any permanent scars. There will be small spots, but these will fade away in a couple of weeks.

3. How does the patient feel after going through the liposuction procedure?

Ans. For massive weight loss liposuction is recommended. When you come to us and opt for liposuction procedure, we will cover the area with padding after the successful completion. The dressings will change in every two or three days by the doctor. The patients are not allowed to shower till the 4th day. Dr. YV Rao and the efficient team shall give you the required instructions. In the initial days, you will find that there are spots, swelling and even black/blue patches. The part which has been liposuctioned will be tender and numb. The patient shall wear a support garment for about 4-5 weeks. The procedure does not involve stitching or any other painful move.

Please follow the basic instructions:

  • Bathing/showering - Resume on the 4th day
  • Support Garment: Wear it for 4-5 weeks or as prescribed by the team.
  • Tenderness and swelling - 1-1.5 months
  • Pain - It shall remain for about 1-2 weeks
  • Dressing change - After every 48 hours, the doctor will change the dressing. The padding soaks the liquid that comes from the incision.
  • Numbness - Numbness shall remain for several weeks or even a month.
  • Skin colour discolouration - It turns black or blue but will disappear after 2-3 weeks.

4. What is the final output after undergoing liposuction procedure?

Ans. Patients will find that there will be no bulges on the skin. When the fat gets accumulated in a particular area, it bulges out. Once Dr. YV Rao and the team work on your body, the bulging areas will flatten and it will give attractive look. It goes without saying that the patient will lose inches from the fattening areas. It could be your lower belly, arms, back, inner thighs or even neck, Dr. YV Rao clinic is the finest treatment provider of liposuction in Hyderabad. The For obesity surgery is meant for removing excess fat that lies under your skin.

5. How much does the liposuction surgery cost?

Ans. The liposuction surgery cost depends on the body part that you are choosing the surgery. Some areas are larger as compared to others. For example, the tummy area and the neck area are different in area size. Similarly, the buttocks are different from the back area. You can check the costing details with the staff. Additionally, Dr. YV Rao Clinic offers the surgery at the most competitive price.

6. How long does the liposuction results last?

Ans. After going through liposuction Hyderabad, it is advisable to change your lifestyle. Eat healthy foods, exercise and do not indulge in toxic habits such as excessive drinking or smoking. Alcohol has empty calories and can make you gain wait. It is advisable to practice yoga, go for a jog and do basic exercises at home. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and THAT is the only way to make the results last for a longer time. Liposuctions helps with weight loss process but maintaining your weight is solely in your hands.

7. Who should opt for fat injections?

Ans. As soon as we start ageing, the face loses its charm and we get sagging skin. In comes fat injections that allows the surgeon to take out fat from your own body and inject it to the hollow area. This will give your face the desired puffiness. Please note that the patient should have enough fat in their body for the fat injections. If you feel that one of your body parts is less appealing and hollow, opt for fat injections. The procedure is safe and efficient.

8. Are there any side effects related to liposuction?

Ans. There are no major or life-threatening side effects of the liposuction Hyderabad procedure. It is used for weight loss by making incisions in your skin. There will be numbness, light pain and discolouration, but other than these after-effects, there is nothing to worry about. Even during the procedure, the doctors will use local anaesthesia so that you do not feel any pain.

9. Does the skin start sagging after the liposuction procedure?

Ans. Dr. YV Rao and the entire team analyzes the patient's skin before performing the surgery. If you are ageing, the skin gets thin and becomes naturally saggy. Please understand that this is an obesity surgery and it helps you shed oodles of weight by the removal of fat. However, we try and minimize the chances of sagging because we understand your plight. In case there are stretch marks and sagging skin already, we will not be able to minimize that. In some cases, the stretch marks disappear especially in areas such as the buttocks and belly area. Rest, you have nothing to worry about as you are opting for the best liposuction in Hyderabad.

10. When should I invest in new clothes after going through the procedure?

Ans. Human beings tend to get overly excited after procedures. Do note that the results will not be immediate. You will find 30% of the results in the first month. We would recommend you to buy new clothes after 6 weeks. The results will be 100% in the next 6 months and you will start to feel that the targeted/liposuctioned area has shrunk in just 15-20 days. However, do not expect immediate results! This is a massive weight loss surgery and the results will be fully visible in 5-6 months.

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loved the treatment by dr yv rao he hospital is a bit expensive one when compared to the other cosmetic clinics .


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one of the world top,most talented cosmetic surgeon. worth for money spent.very friendly, the way he treatment was fabulous. please visit dryvrao if you have any cosmetic related issue.

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