Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad

Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad

What is Dimple Creation Surgery?

Dimple creation surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to create dimples on the cheeks. Dimples are small indentations that form when there is a natural muscle defect in the cheek, causing the skin to create a depression when smiling. This surgery mimics the natural process by creating a small incision on the inside of the cheek, allowing a permanent dimple to form when smiling.

Dimple Creation Surgery in Hyderabad, India

Are you a kind of person who loves when people admire you for different features on your face and do you feel more confident? Well, then a Dimple Creation surgery is a perfect choice. The punch biopsy instrument is placed at the inner chin and operated in circular motion to remove tissue layers and thus a hollow space is formed. It takes only 20 minutes to 1 hour to complete this procedure. It takes 1-2 weeks for the muscles to get connected to skin, so that the dimple appears only when you smile and not all the time. This surgery is done so effortlessly that it looks natural on your face.

How often have you envied the dimples on your best friend's cheeks? Now, you too can get dimples on your cheeks by undergoing a simple surgery. What is more, you can decide the size of the dimples and their position on the cheeks. Dr Y V Rao Clinics in Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam are the best cosmetic surgery clinics in the cities for all kinds of cosmetic surgeries including dimple creation surgery.

Benefits of Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimple Creation Surgery is quite simple but the benefits are many such as

  • Enhanced beauty with well positioned dimples
  • Bewitching smile with new dimples
  • Glow on face due to dimples
  • Simple surgery and ft recovery
  • Confidence booster
  • Enhanced Facial Aesthetics: Dimples are often associated with youthfulness, beauty, and a charming smile. Dimple creation surgery can enhance facial aesthetics and boost confidence.
  • Customization: The size, depth, and location of the dimple can be customized according to the patient's preferences, ensuring natural-looking results.
  • Minimal Downtime: Dimple creation surgery is minimally invasive, with little to no downtime required. Most patients can resume their normal activities within a day or two.
  • Permanent Results: Unlike temporary solutions such as makeup or adhesive dimple accessories, dimple creation surgery provides permanent results that last a lifetime.

Candidates for Dimple Creation Surgery

Candidates for dimple creation surgery are typically in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the procedure. Ideal candidates

  • Desire natural-looking dimples to enhance their smile.
  • Have sufficient cheek tissue and muscle to support the creation of dimples.
  • Understand the risks and benefits associated with the procedure.

Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimple Creation Surgery involves the creation of a small defect in the cheek musculature which helps to create dimples while smiling. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and involves

  • Using punch biopsy instrument in the inner cheeks
  • Making incisions
  • Removing various tissue layers
  • Creating hollow space for dimples to form
  • Suturing the incisions

The simple surgery takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour. Recovery is almost immediate. However, dimples stay on the cheek constantly for the first few days and after that they appear only when smiling.

Dimple Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

Dimples make a person look cute and attractive. Dr. Y V Rao Clinic offers the best Dimple Creation Surgery at the most reasonable price. The cost of dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad varies between Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000. If you are not born with dimples and want to have them, visit Dr. Y V Rao Clinic.


These can be minimized by following proper recovery procedures.

  • Constant dimples for first few days
  • Swelling
  • Pain

The best place for dimple creation surgery in Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam is the Dr Y V Rao Clinic.

Rhinoplasty FAQ's

1.What is the Procedure Like?

Dimple creation surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis, meaning you can go home the same day. The surgeon will make a small incision inside the cheek or chin, where the dimple will be created. They will then carefully manipulate the underlying muscle to create the desired dimple effect. Finally, the incision is closed with dissolvable stitches

2.Is Dimple Creation Surgery Permanent?

Yes, dimple creation surgery is considered a permanent procedure. Once the dimples are created, they typically last a lifetime. However, it's essential to choose an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon to ensure optimal results.

3.What is the Recovery Process Like?

The recovery process for dimple creation surgery is relatively quick and straightforward. Patients may experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort immediately following the procedure, but these symptoms typically subside within a few days to a week. Most patients can return to their regular activities within a few days, although strenuous exercise should be avoided for a couple of weeks.

4.Are There Any Risks or Complications?

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications associated with dimple creation surgery. These may include infection, bleeding, asymmetry, or dissatisfaction with the results. However, choosing a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can help minimize these risks.

5.How Much Does Dimple Creation Surgery Cost?

The cost of dimple creation surgery can vary depending on factors such as the surgeon's experience, the geographic location of the practice, and the complexity of the procedure. During your consultation, your plastic surgeon will provide you with a detailed cost estimate that includes all associated fees.

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