About Us

The hidden wish of every one is to look young and attractive as far as possible. Many researchers proved that physical appearance is significant and can influence the self esteem and behavior of a person. Like any physical problem the minor deformities created while formation by Mother Nature or correctable by Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. Beauty may be skin deep, but it does have significant impact over the self confidence. With advances in surgical methods and increased safety in anesthesia, cosmetic surgery has become a safe.

Cosmetic surgery is one of the rapidly advancing medical specialties. Our aim is to provide a over view of this fascinating branch of medicine, make you aware of the various procedures. Honesty is more important than salesmanship in this field. It is but natural to have high expectations especially, with the exploding information available through various sources, but in reality all of them can not be met with. We make you understand the reality and practicability of the problem & the procedure.

You will appreciate our sincerity and frankness of our team in explaining you about various aspects of cosmetic surgery that we perform. We try to reach perfection in all but may not be able to reach in some cases.While we strive for perfection, it may be just beyond our reach in some. An ideal candidate for cosmetic surgery is the one who is looking for improvement, if not perfection in the way they look.

Safety and comfort along with cost effectiveness are our top priorities, which is why Dr. Venkata Rao Yalamanchi, who is the chief operating plastic & cosmetic surgeon of the Day-care centre, chooses to perform his cases either at his own Day-Care Centre or at a corporate hospital, depending on the case. The nurses & staff have been carefully selected and trained. Your anesthetist will be a qualified Anesthesiologist. If there are any unexpected medical complications you will be either shifted to a major medical centre or have immediate access to a full spectrum of highly trained specialists in a major hospital.