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Commonly known as the 'strip procedure', FUT or the follicular unit transplantation is a hair restoration method. The patients should pay attention to the importance of follicular units. These contain nerves, vellus hair, and oil glands. In this process, the surgeon removes a tissue (a small strip) from the patient's back of the scalp. This is the area where the extraction would take place. It is known as the donor hair follicles. A professional team would harvest the small strip from the back and then they would transplant the same to the recipient areas. As per patients and even doctors, FUT has a greater success rate and it also allows a high number of grafts that are transplanted in one single session. When in doubt, choose the FUT Hyderbad procedure. Although both FUT and FUE are efficient. Speak to the doctor before getting the surgery as they would be able to best judge your situation.

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