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Congenital anomalies consist of functional or structural abnormalities that develop in the womb, prior to the birth. Facial cleft which is a malformation of the face is one of the commonest examples of congenital defect which can be corrected with the help of facial surgery. Cranio-maxillo facial surgery helps in treating various defects in the face due to injuries, accidents or any other related trauma. The hard and soft tissues of mouth, head, neck, face, jaws and the maxillofacial parts that are jaws and face are treated under Congenital & cranio-maxillo facial surgery.

Being an internationally recognized surgical specialty, it can be utilized to improve the physical appearance and enhance the personality. It is a reconstructive surgery that can treat craniosynostosis (early fusion of skull sutures), various conditions due to different syndromes like Apert's Syndrome, Cruzon Syndrome, Pierre Robin Syndrome, Treacher Collins Syndrome, Hemifacial Microsomia and much more. Improving the deformity of rare facial cleft becomes easy with canio-maxillo facial surgery. The best part is it can be done of people of all age and genders. Fruitful outcomes can be obtained if the craniofacial deformities get diagnosed and treated at a young stage.

Cranio-Maxillo Facial Surgery Procedures:

Overview: Cranio-Maxillo Facial Surgery involves specialized procedures focused on the skull, face, and jaw. These surgeries address various conditions and aim to restore both function and aesthetics.

Common Cranio-Maxillo Facial Surgeries:

  • Orthognathic Surgery: Correction of jaw misalignments to improve bite and facial symmetry.
  • Maxillofacial Reconstruction: Restoration of facial structures following trauma or congenital abnormalities.
  • Craniofacial Cleft Surgery: Repair of facial clefts and associated deformities in children.
  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Surgery: Treatment of TMJ disorders affecting jaw function.
  • Facial Trauma Surgery: Reconstruction of facial injuries resulting from accidents or trauma.
  • Cranial Vault Remodeling: Reshaping of the skull to address congenital anomalies or deformities.

Advantages of Cranio-Maxillo Facial Surgery:

  • Improved Facial Function: Enhancing the function of facial structures, including the jaw and temporomandibular joint.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Restoring facial aesthetics and symmetry for improved appearance.
  • Correction of Congenital Defects: Addressing birth-related facial abnormalities to improve quality of life.
  • Treatment of Trauma: Comprehensive reconstruction of facial injuries for both functional and aesthetic outcomes.
  • Enhanced Jaw Function: Correcting jaw misalignments to improve bite and chewing ability.

Cranio-Maxillo Facial Surgery at Dr. Y. V. Rao Clinics is performed by experienced surgeons, utilizing advanced techniques to address a range of conditions affecting the facial and cranial regions. Patients can expect personalized care and comprehensive solutions to achieve optimal functional and aesthetic results.

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