Dandruff Treatment in Hyderabad

Dandruff Treatment in Hyderabad

Dandruff could be the effects of a dry head, or a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis. This could become caused by eczema, psoriasis, or, very commonly, an overgrowth of a yeastlike fungus called malassezia. (Here are astonishing reasons you may well be suddenly likely to dandruff). Drugstore remedies might include shampoos with zinc pyrithione, which locates fungus and bacteria; ketoconazole, which also fights fungus infection; coal tar and selenium sulfide, which slow the expansion and die-off of skin cells on your scalp; and salicylic acidity, which loosens flakes so they can be laundered away.

Likewise, it prompts other skin issues like pimples and skin break-outs. We at Dr Y V Rao ensure quality checkup moving on for specific treatment systems. Before we can examine how to cure dandruff, how about we comprehend what causes it. And provide you with the best consultation on keeping in mind the key factor causing the problem.

The Dandruff Menace

How is dandruff formed?

Oleic acid causes easy separation and shedding of the stratum corneum skin layer cells. Dandruff resulting from excessive shedding and dead cells reacting with sweat, without rise in oily secreations, appears as dry white powder on the clothes, called dry dandruff.

Dandruff – the triggers?

Dandruff is caused & triggered by – oily scalp, excessive sweating, infrequent washing, poor scalp hygiene, yeast and fungal infections, irritation of the scalp to pollution, chemicals, fumes, soaps, shampoos, hair products, gels, sprays, alcohol containing lotions, applied medications, sweating, high humidity, extreme weathers, exposure to sunlight, excess heat or cold, sir conditioner blowing on the scalp, continuous AC environment had effect of VOCs volatile organic compounds in the AC atmosphere. People staying or working around construction areas with dust, dirt, cement blowing in the air, frequent commuting with suspended particles and wind blowing in the hair lead to dandruff. Frequent washing and pre oiling or using leave on serum can protect the hair. Emotional and mental stress, fatigue, affect oil and sweat glands creating dandruff.

Dandruff---What areas can it cover?

Dandruff, it causes itching, leading to nail scratching and injury to the outer protective layer of the skin, this breaks the protective layer allowing easy penetration to more prganisms and inflammation leading to more irritation and more dandruff. Dandruff can occur over other oily or hairy areas like chest, eyebrows, nose, beard and ears.

Dandruff - hereditary?

Dandruff my not be hereditary, but the habits and lifestyle followed in the same family may affect entire family in the same way causing dandruff. Dandruff as such is not contagious but the fungal and yeast infection may be transmitted by contact and sharing unclean combs or towels. Neurological diseases, Chronic illness and obese patients have dandruff.

Dandruff --- laser treatments!


Natural and artificial UVA, UVB radiation, red and blue LED light curbs growth of mallassezia yeast, reduces sebum and inflammation. Modern treatment is low light laser therapy for 20 minutes once or twice a week.

Why it occurs?

Dandruff is a frequent scalp condition in which small pieces of dry skin slough off of the scalp. When you have dark hair or most likely wearing dark colors, you might notice the flakes in flowing hair or on your shoulders. Dandruff may also make your scalp itch.

Many people assume that dermititis is caused by poor hygiene, but this is not true. Although sporadic shampooing can make dermititis more obvious, researchers are still studying the complexities, which appear to be complicated.

Services we offer

Since dandruff can be caused due to pollution, poor diet or any other external factor, our specialized team first ascertains the key problem of dandruff. In accordance with that, specific treatments are prescribed. The treatments are usually non-surgical and highly effective in nature. Some of the treatment services include:

Anti-fungal antibacterial treatment:

With the help of newest technology as advancement in medical pharmacy, our expert personnel prescribe quality treatment for the individual cause. Anti-fungal treatment includes various non-surgical treatment processes in a risk-free manner.

Age-specific medications:

Since dandruff is one of those problems that does not require highly technical equipment for its treatment. But our expert consultants ensure every customer that conveys dandruff problem receives proper medications with respect to their age and problem. We deal with herbal as well as chemical treatment facilities for any type of problem.

Specialties at Dr Y V Rao clinic

Our team makes sure not only quality treatment is provided but also high-end customer satisfaction is ensured. Along with our high-end treatment facilities, we also offer:

  • Highly qualified Professional consultants for individual needs.
  • Varying treatment prescriptions for varying customers.
  • Provision for risk-free solutions in no time.
  • Efficient time management.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.

For more details on treatment or to book an appointment give us a call or visit us.

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