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Breast Surgery Treatment in Hyderabad


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Making of new breast, to replace the removed breasts, is popularly known as breast reconstruction. At Dr Y V Rao Clinic, our team focuses on implementing this procedure for the patients, victimized by breast cancer. Recognizing the importance of the body and its part for a human, specifically a woman, we understand that it's an important and must-do thing to recover from cancer's trauma.

Breast reconstruction has overpowered the entertainment industry also. Nowadays, young women are adopting breast surgery for improving their breast formations.

Implant and flap surgery are the major options, available for our patients at Dr Y V Rao Clinic. Effective Breast Surgery techniques are used at our well-known medical center helps efficiently our patients to overcome their body issues.

Process of Breast Surgery

Lowering mammoplasty (also known as breast decrease and reduction mammaplasty) is the plastic surgery procedure for reducing the breast size. In corrective practice, the surgical techniques and praxis for reduction mammoplasty also are placed on mastopexy (breast lift). Local anaesthesia is cautiously used to make the whole process painless for the patient.

The well-trained surgeon will make a cut around your nipple then downwards on the breast in the form of a keyhole. The operating team will remove extra pores and skin, tissue, and fat from your breasts and shift your nipple. At Dr Y V Rao Clinic, we use drainage tubes and then stitch up your breasts and wrap them in special gauze. You may also need to wear an operative bra during the process. The whole operation takes 2 to 5 hours, or more.

Pec Implants or Chest implants may be a fantastic option for men who, even though they exercise frequently, wish to further condition or enhance their chests for the described, muscular appearance they desire.

The process of breast surgery at Dr Y V Rao clinic differs according to the choice of patients. Main reconstruction methods used at our medical center are natural tissue reconstruction and reconstruction of tissues through implant.

There are consultation facilities for the patients if they want to choose non-surgical methods or additional help after the surgery. Before surgery, our surgeon will brief you about the options and possibilities, in order to let you select the best breast surgery method.

Breast Surgery can help you in Many Ways

  • If you are a cancer victim, if will help you forget the mishap and lead a better life.
  • It'll make you feel confidence again.
  • Completes your body
  • Reshaping of breasts, according to your desires

Why us?

  • Our medical center comprises of all the advanced facilities and equipment for the best surgery procedure's adoption.
  • Breast surgery specialist and world’s renowned surgeons and have immense experience in the area of their expertise.
  • Result-oriented services and post-surgery consultation.

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kumari singh
 5 / 5

i had a breast augmentation almost 4 weeks ago and i am very happy with the surgery.

 5 / 5

on time appointment. professional staff. doctor explained condition and offered treatment options. doctor communicates very well. did not feel rushed. excellent communication with doctor.

 5 / 5

dr. yv rao is a true and kind professional. treatment was on time and straight forward.

 5 / 5

very professional. no wait.

 5 / 5

best cosmetic surgeon in city, his natural way of treatment and results amazing.