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Hair Loss Treatment in Hyderabad

Hair loss has becomes a mass problem in India owing to the fact that heavy air pollution, busy lives and unhealthy diet condition. Hair treatment varies from people to people and we, at Dr Y V Rao, ensure that this condition is fulfilled as a primary point.

What is hair loss?

Hair loss, also known as calvicie or baldness, refers to a loss of locks from part of the head or body. Commonly at least the brain is involved. The severeness of hair loss can differ from a tiny area to the complete body. Typically irritation or scarring is not present. Hair loss in a lot of people causes psychological hardship.

Surgical options, such as follicle transplants, scalp flaps, and hair thinning reduction, are available. These kinds of procedures are generally chosen by those people who are self-conscious about their hair loss, nevertheless they are expensive and painful, with a risk of illness and scarring. Once surgery has occurred, six to eight months are needed before the quality of recent hair can be assessed.

Hair Loss Cyclical Program

Hair loss seen today is not hormonal. Clinically the hormone levels are normal. You are not having any sickness or disease and you do not need anti-hormonal drugs. You need support to restore the altered internal cellular environment damaged by the toxins.

Body feels we can survive without a single hair on the head, but our vital systems should continue to function normally. Gradually more and more hair become weak, hair loss increases, the falling hair are not replaced with new hair, leading to advanced grades of baldness.

The external factors affecting hair loss are rising an alarming pace. The external factors compromise wellness by creating free radicals, promoting accumulation of toxins that damage the cells. Body redirects all available resources in repairing the toxic damage and sacrifices attention towards hair fall.

Main Causes Of Hair loss In Women

Post Pregnancy Hair Loss:

The sudden hormonal withdrawl after delivery slows down the hair growth cycles which gradually, corrects itself over next 3 months. But the post pregnancy hair loss is also due to lack of nutrients which were utilized to create another body out of the mothers resources. Rather out of the limited resources of today's mothers. Post delivery these depleted resources are not replaced adequately from fear of weight gain. In a hurry to get back in shape women practice restricted eating leading to hair loss. The balanced, low dose micro nutrient replacement program helps to re-grow the lost hair showing photographic results within 2-4 months and control of hair loss within 4-6 weeks.

For how many years does transplanted hair stay?

If you take good care of the transplanted hair it stays for nexxt 15-20 years, may be life long.

Services we offer

Our services are wide-ranged and specially designed for all types of people and age group. Some of them are:

Grow hair treatment

With experienced personnel on board, we ensure quality treatment process in a risk-free manner. This technique works on electroporation method that stimulated hair growth by injecting dihydrotestosterone into the scalp. This method is risk-free as well as highly effective as a natural treatment process.

Artificial grafting of hair

This technique is widely used for people who have uneven baldness and patched hair loss. Our team investigates the root cause of the hair loss and decides whether to go for artificial grafting or not. This technique uses advanced technical arrangements where our high experienced team of surgeons works on grafting artificial microfibers that not only reduces patches but also lasts longer.

Stem cell therapy

Our new revolutionized stem cells therapy works on stem cells to promote new hair growth conducted by our highly professional team. With no pain and side effects, this technique enhances hair growth as it restores cellular growth and multiplication by improving blood circulation to the hair follicles.

Hair loss is natural and can never be Zero

  • Hair loss is a natural scavenging or removal of damaged, weak hair, unfit for growth. This damaged hair removed is then replaced with new stronger hair.
  • A small percentage around 8-10% of the hair out of the 120,000 follicles you have will get damaged due to environment, lifestyle, stress, nutrition changes and will fall.
  • No person ever becomes bald due to hair loss. You become bald because lost hair is not being replaced with new hair. We can ensure the replacement with good hair care program.

Why is hair loss increasingly common today?

  • Competitive Lifestyle Stress, lack of sleep, lack of sports and good breathing exercise.
  • Poor eating habits wrong time, wrong choice of food.
  • Gym supplements, Overuse of whey protein, Overuse of Vitamins.
  • Fad Diets High Protein, No carbs, Fat free Diet.
  • Restricted eating, Calorie watching, has become a social practice.
  • Attraction for Sugar foods and processed foods.
  • Increased pollution in air, water and atmosphere.
  • Depleted Ozone layer exposing to UV rays.
  • Hormones, antibiotics, in meat Chicken eaters hair loss.
  • Fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, in food, fast growing hybrids.
  • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals, EDC's in food products.

Hair loss in not Hormonal?

  • The hair loss we see today is not hormonal.
  • Researchers today agree that hormone levels are not raised but hair follicle cells have become weak and sensitive.
  • Multiple causes make the hair sensitive to normal hormones.
  • Cause are vague, not quantifiable, cannot be confirmed with tests.

Advantages of hair loss treatment at Dr Y V Rao clinic

Since quality treatment is has become a blue moon these days, we at Dr Y V Rao clinic ensures that the quality is maintained along with affordable price attached to the facility. We ensure:

  • Availability of highly advanced surgeons and doctors at your disposal at time.
  • Ensures zero side effects after treatment.
  • Provision for instant as well as permanent hair growth solutions.
  • Varying treatment techniques for varying customers
  • Less treatment time

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Your Review of Hair Loss

arjun ponna
i was obsessed with hair fall. i have taken medicinal treatment for hair thinning from past 3 years. dr.yv rao here understand my hair cause and suggested me to go for non surgical hair replacement, that's what i like about them however i visited other clinics and they are forcing me to go for hair transplant. hair replacement process was good i like the way they treated the patient and staff was very polite.
raju korukonda

i have taken medicinal treatment for hair thinning from past 1 years. dr yv rao. here understand my hair cause and suggested me to go for non surgical hair replacement, that's what i like about them however i visited other clinics and they are forcing me to go for hair transplant. hair replacement process was good i like the way they treated the patient and staff was very polite