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Hair Transplant Hyderabad

Hair fall and baldness are the conditions that lower the self-esteem of people. Therefore, getting the right treatment at the right stage is essential to combat the issues. Dr. Y V Rao offers the best hair transplant in Hyderabad. Now you can get back the lost hair as well as your lost confidence with the effective hair transplant techniques at Dr. Y V Rao Clinic, Hyderabad.

With the team of highly experienced and the best hair surgeons in Hyderabad, Dr. Y V Rao Clinic has gained the reputation of being the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad. The patients get the best advice and the most effective treatment for their hair loss problems. Knowing the benefits, hair transplantation has gained a wide popularity in the recent past. It has become one of the best solutions for hair loss problems.

Let us know what hair transplantation is and how it benefits the people with hair loss issues.

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure wherein hair follicles from the posterior parts of the scalp are extracted and transplanted into the affected bald areas. The site of extraction is called the donor area., and the site where they are transplanted is called the recipient area. The bald patches in the scalp and the areas where hair are thinning get a complete transformation, making the scalp looks fuller with dense hair.

Hair Transplantation is an effective and most potent solution for hair loss irrespective of the reason for hair thinning. It is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that requires skills, expertise as well as experience to endow the best outcome. Dr Y V Rao with years of experience ensures the most effective result of hair transplantation.

Generally, we talk about male hair transplantation because males encounter hair thinning and bald patches more than females. It is majorly due to hereditary and genetics. However, we extend our services and also offer female hair transplantation. At Dr. Y V Rao Clinic the patients get back the lustrous and voluminous hair all over again.

What are the reasons of Hair Fall?

Genetics and an unhealthy lifestyle are the two most profoundly contributing factors that lead to hair fall. Some other causes of hair fall and hair thinning are-

  • Illness and diseases
  • Emotional trauma
  • Deprivation of protein from the diet
  • Hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy
  • Not maintaining hair hygiene
  • Using low-grade hair products

The number of people with hair loss problems is rising with every passing day at Hyderabad. The primary reason behind it is the ever-increasing air pollution. Also, the stressful schedule leads to hair loss where people don’t get time to care about their hair. Moreover, the water is also getting polluted, which people use for washing their hair. All these lead to hair loss that gradually makes people bald. Day to day stress and tension also affects the hair quality severely.

Therefore, taking the most effective hair transplant treatment from the best hair transplant specialist is very important. Dr. Y V Rao is the best and highly experienced hair surgeon who provides the best hair transplant treatment in Hyderabad.

Moreover, Dr. Y V Rao utilizes the most advanced hair transplant techniques, and the clinic is also equipped with the latest technological medical equipment. The doctor and the entire staff makes the stay comfortable and provide the best treatment. All these ensure that you get the best hair transplant results.

Is Hair Transplant effective?

Hair transplant is the most effective treatment to combat bald scalp and the areas experiencing hair fall and hair thinning. We have different hair transplant solutions and provide them according to the severity of the condition.

Along with hair transplant solutions for male we also deal with female hair transplantation and put efforts to bring back the voluminous and lustrous hair growth among women. Hair transplantation is effective for people of all ages and gender.

If you are facing hair loss, Dr. Y V Rao is the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad to visit and bring back the lost hair and confidence.

Why Hair Transplant is the best hair loss solution

There are many temporary solutions for hair loss, like using wigs, toupees, hairpieces, etc. However, if you are seeking the best and permanent hair loss solution, hair transplant becomes the ultimate choice.

The advancement in medical science and technological interventions has made it possible to get dense and fuller scalp thorough hair transplantation. Utilizing the latest, most innovative, and advanced medical procedures, Dr. Y V Rao gives the best hair transplant results in Hyderabad.

There are different treatments to combat hair loss that you may choose. From surgical, minimally invasive to non-invasive methods, you can get back the lost hair and the lost confidence all over again. All the procedures are completely safe, effective, and ensure that you will look younger than before.

Generally, Follicular Unit Extraction is used for hair transplantation. Being an FUE specialist, Dr. Y V Rao makes sure that the entire procedure takes place under his supervision to give the most effective results.

What is the process of Hair Transplant?

Depending upon the donor area, the process of hair transplantation is divided into the following categories-

Follicular Unit extraction (FUE)

The doctor shaves the scalp and removes hair follicles individually. The shaven area is healed in a dotted manner which is hidden by the existing hair.

The following steps are involved in hair transplantation through Follicular Unit Extraction-

  • The doctors examine the bald areas on the scalp and the areas from where the hair can be extracted. Generally, it is the posterior or back parts of the scalp.
  • The doctor will numb the scalp using local anesthesia.
  • Now the hair follicles are extracted from the donor site depending upon the number of grafts required to fill the bald patches.
  • After extraction, the hair follicles are grafted in the affected areas, also called the receipt site.
  • Later, the doctor will give instructions that the patient needs to follow to get the best results.

The entire hair transplant procedure is safe. It doesn’t take more than 1 to 2 hours to complete the whole procedure. However, it largely depends upon the number of grafts you require to get dense hair on the scalp. Once the surgery is done, the patient may resume normal routine and get back to work.

Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)

In FUSS, the doctor removes a 6-10 inch strip from the back of your scalp and leaves for further process and the scalp is stitched to close. The extracted area is covered by hair immediately.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

The following steps are involved in hair transplantation through Follicular Unit Transplantation-

  • This is a modern technique for hair restoration which involves a group of 1 to 4 hair strands called follicular units. This gets an edge over other methods because the hair transplant doctor can easily get thousands of grafts in just one session.
  • Once the method is decided, the remaining process is same in all the three. The grafts from the desired methods are placed in holes or cuts made on the recipient area by the doctor. The time depends upon the area that you have decided for the hair transplant. Usually it takes 4-8 hours.
  • The hair transplant cost can differ from one place to another. Consider it as an investment to look more youthful and chic!
  • To get the best hair transplantation in Hyderabad, you can always contact Dr. YV Rao's Clinic. Finding the best hair transplant in India may seem like a daunting task but if we specifically talk about Hyderabad, you can visit our clinic.
  • No matter where you are located in India, getting a full crop of hair Dense packing and undergoing a safe hair transplant surgery is possible at our clinic.

Is there any downside of Hair Transplantation?

Generally, there are minimal to zero side-effects of hair transplantation. The patient may feel little discomfort during the surgery; however, local anesthesia will do the needful. Once the effect of anesthesia slows down, you may feel a slight sensation or tingling effect on the scalp that subsides with time. Minor bleeding could also be observed, which is self-curable. Dr. Y V Rao Clinic provides the best hair transplant facility in Hyderabad. It is the most trusted hair transplant clinic, where you get the best treatment.

What is the cost of Hair Transplantation?

At Dr. Y V Rao Clinic, hair transplant costs around Rs.45/- per graft. Dr. Y V Rao is best in Ethical Treatment and gives natural results. Overall, the treatment cost varies and is majorly based on surgery, scans, and other medical facilities that we provide. It is highly important to get the hair transplant treatment from an experienced doctor to get the best result.

The cost of hair transplant treatment at Dr. Y V Rao Clinic is based on different factors among which the number of grafts to be transplanted is the major one. Likewise, other medical costs incurred during the treatment are also added.

You may Contact our Hyderabad Office located at Banjara Hills and Enquire about the best prices.

Why choose Dr. Y V Rao Clinic for Hair Transplantation

Dr. Y V Rao Clinic is one of the most trusted and the best hair transplant centers in Hyderabad. Providing the best surgical and non-surgical hair transplantations, under the guidance of highly experienced hair surgeon, we ensure that you get the best hair transplant results.

Dr. Y V Rao has an expertise of more than 25 years and provides the best hair loss solutions at the most affordable rates. Also, only advanced and latest techniques are used for the best outcome. You will get a natural-looking hairline and look younger than before.

Moreover, the clinic is equipped with top class facilities so that the patients feel comfortable throughout the treatment. The doctor as well as the entire staff are cooperative and ensure the patients do not feel any discomfort.

Hair Transplantation FAQ's

1. Is hair transplantation a safe procedure?

The patients should remain stress-free. There are no major complications after undergoing this procedure. Hair transplantation procedure is as normal as going to a doctor for a regular check up. Think about the benefits of hair transplantation! You will get a brand new look and will feel youthful. Dr. YV Rao uses the latest technology for the procedure. He has earned several degrees and certifications which means you should not be worried about the safety aspect. He is one of the finest hair transplantation doctors in India!

2. Is hair transplantation procedure painful?

Dr. YV Rao uses pain-free techniques to conduct the procedure. This is a painless surgery and the patient will not feel any unbearable pain in the area. If there is any pain caused, it will feel like a prick and will be tolerable. The doctor uses local anaesthesia to put you in a relaxed state.

3. What is dense packing?

Dense packing simply means implanting 40 follicular units per or more.

4. What is the difference between recipient area and donor area?

Donor area is the area at the back of head/scalp. This is the area through which the doctor takes hair follicle. You are your own donor! Recipient area is the thinning area. This is the area where you have bald patches or thin hair. The hair follicles will be implanted in the recipient area.

5. Should I go for FUE or FUT?

Follicular Unit Transplantation is the most effective and simple method. This helps in covering large balding areas. In just one session, the doctor implants several grafts which could even go up to 5000 grafts.

6. Is hair transplantation an effective method?

There are guaranteed results with this method. Hair transplantation has a high success rate and you can be sure that the transplanted hair will surely grow. Even after you go for a trendy hair cut, it will continue to grow. Men can go for a clean shave and with a change of mind, they can re-grow the beard. Dr. YV Rao is an expert in this field and he will ensure that you get natural looking hair.

7. Are there any side effects or risks of hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a simple procedure and there are no risks involved. Most of the patients are worried about scarring and pain. Firstly, scarring is rare and it depends on the nature of the skin. It is a painless procedure and none of our patients have experienced it. There are chances of slight discomfort, but the procedure is quite effective and safe. There will be minor complications such as facial swelling or pimples. These are temporary in nature and do not require medical intervention. Dr YV Rao will explain the procedure and the minor side effects. These are common, but tend to go away in a couple of days or weeks.

8. What will be the healing or recovery time after the procedure?

At our clinic, we apply a bandage on the head after the surgery is complete. The patient will be discharged in a couple of hours and pain relievers will be provided. Although the procedure is not painful and patients undergoing pain is a rare case, but we take care of the comfort. The patient can join their work after 3-4 days. However, they would need to cover their head.

9. Who should opt for a hair transplantation surgery?

Majority of the older men are experiencing hair loss and balding. Hair transplantation has become a trending topic in today's world. If you feel conscious about your physical appearance and want a new crop of hair, then the hair transplantation surgery is recommended. Hair loss can be caused by aging, stress or even through genetics. Dr YV Rao can perform hair transplantation on areas where there is less hair. This also includes beard areas or the eyebrows. Speak to us about your medical condition or the cause of hair loss and we will perform the procedure successfully.

10. Will there be a scar at the donor area after the procedure?

Dr. YV Rao uses latest technology and is extra careful during the procedure. The patients do not find detectable scars in the donor area. It is a rare case when the patients get a scar in the donor area. However, it depends on the nature of the skin and individual healing capacities.

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i had faced the worse hair problem in my life until i came across dryvrao clinic hair treatment reviews in one blog site. so i dug more into their website but was satisfied. i tried this out and i am very happy that i did!

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i had done hair transplant here with 2000 grafts and i am waiting for the results will update after few months about my hair growth. staff is very polite.. and friendly.. and the doctor madhu is very experienced and professional doctor.. i have come here after consulting many doctors... and the prices are very nominal and affordable.
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staff provided good information about the surgery and doctor spoke in a friendly way, answered all the questions i had. great value for the money, i saw result after 1 year and best result after 2 years of wait. i strongly recommend this hospital for hair transplantation.
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i am happy and satisfied with the procedure and result. the surgery involved very little to no pain. as usual, i went through the mixed reviews and was hesitant initially, but i was sure this clinic holds a good reputation and i chose to go for it. review consultations after the procedure are also helpful in receiving instructions to maintain the hair quality. i'd strongly suggest a visit to this clinic if you are looking for a solution to your balding pattern.