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Hair fall and baldness are the conditions that lower the self-esteem of people. Therefore, getting the right treatment at the right stage is essential to combat the issues. Dr. Y V Rao offers the best hair transplant in Hyderabad. Now you can get back the lost hair as well as your lost confidence with the effective hair transplant techniques at Dr. Y V Rao Clinic, Hyderabad.

What is Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure wherein hair follicles from the posterior parts of the scalp are extracted and transplanted into the affected bald areas. The site of extraction is called the donor area, and the site where they are transplanted is called the recipient area. The bald patches in the scalp and the areas where hair are thinning get a complete transformation, making the scalp looks fuller with dense hair.

Generally, we talk about male hair transplantation because males encounter hair thinning and bald patches more than females. It is majorly due to hereditary and genetics. However, we extend our services and also offer female hair transplantation.

What are the reasons of hair fall

Genetics and an unhealthy lifestyle are the two most profoundly contributing factors that lead to hair fall. Some other causes of hair fall and hair thinning are-

  • Illness and diseases
  • Emotional trauma
  • Deprivation of protein from the diet
  • Hormonal changes during puberty or pregnancy
  • Not maintaining hair hygiene
  • Using low-grade hair products

The number of people with hair loss problems is rising with every passing day at Hyderabad. The primary reason behind it is the ever-increasing air pollution. Also, the stressful schedule leads to hair loss where people don’t get time to care about their hair. Moreover, the water is also getting polluted, which people use for washing their hair. All these lead to hair loss that gradually makes people bald.

Therefore, taking the most effective hair transplant treatment from the best hair transplant specialist is very important. Dr. Y V Rao is the best and highly experienced hair surgeon who provides the best hair transplant treatment in Hyderabad.

Moreover, Dr. Y V Rao utilizes the most advanced hair transplant techniques, and the clinic is also equipped with the latest technological medical equipment. All these ensure that you get the best hair transplant results.

Is hair transplant effective

Hair transplant is the most effective treatment to combat bald scalp and the areas experiencing hair fall and hair thinning. We have different hair transplant solutions and provide them according to the severity of the condition. It is effective for people of all ages and gender. If you are facing hair loss, Dr. Y V Rao is the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad to visit.

Why hair transplant is the best hair loss solution

There are many temporary solutions for hair loss, like using wigs, toupees, hairpieces, etc. However, if you are seeking the best and permanent hair loss solution, hair transplant becomes the ultimate choice.

The advancement in medical science and technological interventions has made it possible to get dense and fuller scalp thorough hair transplantation. Utilizing the latest, most innovative, and advanced medical procedures, Dr. Y V Rao gives the best hair transplant results in Hyderabad.

There are different treatments to combat hair loss that you may choose. From surgical, minimally invasive to non-invasive methods, you can get back the lost hair and the lost confidence all over again. All the procedures are completely safe, effective, and ensure that you will look younger than before.

Generally, Follicular Unit Extraction is used for hair transplantation. Being an FUE specialist, Dr. Y V Rao makes sure that the entire procedure takes place under his supervision to give the most effective results.

What is the procedure of hair transplantation

The following steps are involved in hair transplantation:

  • The doctors examine the bald areas on the scalp and the areas from where the hair can be extracted. Generally, it is the posterior or back parts of the scalp.
  • The doctor will numb the scalp using local anesthesia.
  • Now the hair follicles are extracted from the donor site depending upon the number of grafts required to fill the bald patches.
  • After extraction, the hair follicles are grafted in the affected areas, also called the receipt site.
  • Later, the doctor will give instructions that the patient needs to follow to get the best results.

The entire hair transplant procedure is safe. It doesn’t take more than 1 to 2 hours to complete the whole procedure. However, it largely depends upon the number of grafts you require to get dense hair on the scalp. Once the surgery is done, the patient may resume normal routine and get back to work.

Is there any downside of hair transplantation

Generally, there are minimal to zero side-effects of hair transplantation. The patient may feel little discomfort during the surgery; however, local anesthesia will do the needful. Once the effect of anesthesia slows down, you may feel a slight sensation or tingling effect on the scalp that subsides with time. Minor bleeding could also be observed, which is self-curable. Dr. Y V Rao Clinic provides the best hair transplant facility in Hyderabad. It is the most trusted hair transplant clinic, where you get the best treatment.

What is the cost of hair transplantation

At Dr. Y V Rao Clinic, hair transplant costs around Rs.45/- per graft. Dr. Y V Rao is best in Ethical Treatment and gives natural results. Overall, the treatment cost varies and is majorly based on surgery, scans, and medical facilities we provide.

You may Contact our Hyderabad Office located at Banjara Hills and Enquire about the best prices.

Why choose Dr. Y V Rao Clinic for hair transplantation

Dr. Y V Rao Clinic is one of the most trusted and the best hair transplant centers in Hyderabad. Providing the best surgical and non-surgical hair transplantations, under the guidance of highly experienced hair surgeon, we ensure that you get the best hair transplant results.

Dr. Y V Rao has an expertise of more than 25 years and provides the best hair loss solutions at the most affordable rates. Also, only advanced and latest techniques are used for the best outcome. You will get a natural-looking hairline and look younger than before.

Hair Transplant
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hair transplantation dr yv rao clinic is the best hair transplantation hospital in hyderabad.  efficient team of highly qualified and skilled hair transplant surgeons over 10+ years of experience. , provided state of the art hair transplantation.

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the procedure went very well and i am very happy with the results. my hair grew back in couple of months exactly how it was mentioned by the doctors. if you are reading this review and contemplating getting the procedure done i would suggest just go ahead and get it done,

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