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Double chin surgery in Hyderabad is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures opted by both men and women to have a well-defined chin and sculpted jawline. At Dr. YV Rao Clinics, we have performed hundreds of chin surgery in Hyderabad with naturally stunning results.
Under the guidance of our founder Dr.Dr YV Rao, one of the best plastic surgeon in Hyderabad, we have helped thousands of patients rediscover their most beautiful and confident selves.


Double chin surgery in Hyderabad Having a double chin is a common issue many of us face. Excess fat and loose skin under the chin and on the neck affect a person’s looks and signify ageing or weight gain.
Furthermore, the stubborn fat layer below the chin refuses to bulge for some people despite exercise and weight loss. It could be due to hereditary, poor posture, diet, ageing, and anatomy.

Who can go for double chin surgery?

The ideal candidate for double chin surgery in Hyderabad:

  • Those with noticeable fat build-up and early indications of ageing in the neck.
  • Individuals with localized fat accumulation.
  • People with good skin tone and elasticity.

Benefits Of double chin surgery

The benefits of double chin surgery are:

  • The chin and neck are more pronounced and well-shaped.
  • Smoother skin.
  • It gives you a younger, slimmer appearance.

Cost of Chin Surgery in Hyderabad

The cost of chin surgery in Hyderabad is inexpensive at Dr. YV Rao Clinics. The price varies from person to person based on the procedure chosen and the severity of the problem.
Please book an appointment at our clinic to know the exact chin surgery cost in Hyderabad.

Why choose Dr. YV Rao Clinics for double chin surgery in Hyderabad?

Dr. YV Rao, our founder, is a highly qualified plastic surgeon well-known for his expertise and surgical skills.
He and his team of competent plastic surgeons are experienced in all the latest medical procedures and innovations and will deliver results that surpass your expectations.
Dr. YV Rao Clinics is a trusted and highly ranked plastic surgery clinic in Hyderabad that has received several awards.
Furthermore, all the procedures and treatments at our clinic are safe and effective. We place a high premium on your safety.

Facelift FAQ's

1.What are the risks of double chin surgery?

Double chin correction surgery is relatively safe, but some side effects include:

  • Blood clots
  • Bleeding
  • Asymmetry
  • Infection
  • Damage to the blood vessels, nerves, or muscles
  • Scarring

2.When will I be able to resume work and other regular activities?

Within a couple of weeks, most people may return to work and other everyday activities. A chin tuck usually takes less time to recover than a neck lift. Based on your operation and recovery, your doctor will offer you instructions.

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