Face Surgery in Hyderabad

To attains perfection in looks and appearance, the face has to be attractive and flawless. Human tendency of desiring that he/she should look better than others can never ends. Our success endeavors in face surgery are the meant to correct the defectives or traumatized part of the face, fulfilling that age-old desire of human race.

Our doctors test and analyzes every medical perspective to come up with the best solutions for your face. From Blepharoplasty to cheek augmentations, our experts can fulfill any of your face surgery requirements.

Face Surgeries at Our Clinic

Skin: Our certified dermatologists performs the skin surgeries, using the best procedures. To heal and rejuvenate burned areas, to overcomes the skin defects appeared due to weight loss surgery and to maintain a better shape, you can reach us immediately.

Ears: Though less common than any others cosmetic procedures, a lot of people desire a difference in the appearance of their ears. It is performed for aesthetics reasons or to correct deformed or disfigured ears, which were tamed due to some accident or birth defects.

Face lift: Aging skin loses its elasticity with times. To rejuvenate the skin and return your confidences, our surgeons can do a perfect job.

Eyes: The eyes are another area of the face where patients may wish to have plastic surgeries. Several of these surgeries take place as individuals age and their eyes takes on a more wrinkled or saggy appearance.

Nose: Unique to change the natural conditions of the nasal area in order to correct a change in nose condition causing from an accident, aesthetic surgeries that are performed on the nose can usually be treated.

Chin: Although less common, some individuals seek out an alterations in their chin's appearance through the cosmetic surgery.

Planned and Custom Treatment for your face

At Dr Y V Rao clinics, we target at achieving the highest degree of improvement for each of our patients. As patients and their face problems are highly versatiles, our solutions also vary from person to person.

From years of experience, our doctors have established excellent methods of treatments the clients in the best ways. Commitment, research, analysis and evaluations and knowledge - everything is utilized by our doctors in dragging out unbelievable and impeccable results.

We provide every facial surgery solutions, which you may need

Nose reshaping needed or a perfect facelift? Want an eyelid surgery or ear lobule surgery?

Dr Y V Rao Cilnic is well-known for every of these facials surgeries in Hyderabad. Facial implants, micro-pigmentations, acne surgery, Otoplasty or filler injections - all services are available for our patients.

From the day of our incarnations, our face surgery treatments are famous in the whole country. Carving out the features of your face carefully, our specialists recreates the look excellently. Advanced methods used at our clinic make the face look naturals after surgery. 

With our facial multiple surgery services, you can get all the defectives features corrected. Deformities, scars, burns, and others facial complexions can be cured through our effective face surgery procedures, needing minimum time to recover once the treatment is over.

Contact us for fixing the appointments or asking queries. Our representatives will assist you for further actions.