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Dr. YV Rao Clinics is a distinguished figure in trauma surgery, having made significant contributions that have revolutionized the approach to treating traumatic injuries. Our commitment to advancing medical science and improving patient outcomes has positioned us as a trailblazer in trauma surgery. Our experienced surgeons apply their expertise to injuries all over the body.

Trauma surgery is a surgical specialty intended to treat people with traumatic injuries like an accident, physical abuse, burns, and scars. It utilizes both operative and non-operative management so that the patient recovers completely from the accidents. The patient is not only evaluated and managed but is also resuscitated and stabilized by the doctor and staff. It helps him to recover fast and heal completely. The patient of trauma could be victims of the vehicle accident, domestic abuse or any other kind of assault that has left an imprint on the patient on any part of the body and the personality.

Trauma injuries include treatment of the parts that have injured during the different mishaps in life. It deals with all kind of bone injuries that may consist of reconstruction of cheeks, jaw, nose and the parts within the sphere. The soft tissues and injuries to the skin are also taken complete care so that the patient returns confidently and can lead a normal life. While an accident on the face could lead to severe repercussions, it is trauma surgery which could help the patient get back to regular life.

Trauma surgery is a specialized branch of surgery that focuses on the treatment of injuries resulting from accidents, violence, or other emergencies. It encompasses a wide range of injuries, from minor fractures to severe life-threatening trauma. Traumatic injuries occur every day from car accidents, work injuries, falls, burns, and other unforeseen events. These injuries often require the intervention of an expert plastic and reconstructive surgeon to restore form and function to the site of injury.

Some of the most common Trauma Surgeries include:

1) Facial Trauma Surgery

Facial trauma surgery focuses on the intricate structures of the face, addressing injuries resulting from accidents, falls, or assaults. These procedures aim to restore both functional and aesthetic aspects, requiring a delicate and meticulous approach.

Common Facial Trauma Surgery Procedures:

  • Orbital Fracture Repair: Reconstruction of the eye socket to protect the delicate structures within.
  • Maxillofacial Reconstruction: Restoration of the upper and lower jaw, often involving the use of plates, screws, or bone grafts.
  • Soft Tissue Repair: Suturing and reconstructing damaged facial tissues to optimize healing and minimize scarring.


  • Preservation of facial nerve function.
  • Balancing functional restoration with aesthetic considerations.
  • Coordination with ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists for comprehensive care.

2) Hand Trauma Surgery:

Hand trauma surgery addresses injuries to the intricate network of bones, tendons, and nerves in the hands. The goal is to restore functionality, dexterity, and appearance while minimizing long-term impairment.

Common Hand Trauma Surgery Procedures:

  • Fracture Fixation: Stabilization of broken bones using pins, screws, or plates.
  • Tendon Repair: Suturing and rehabilitation to regain full range of motion.
  • Nerve Reconstruction: Microsurgical techniques to reconnect damaged nerves.

Before the procedure, our plastic surgeon will examine your medical history and analyze the problem to be addressed. Accordingly, we will recommend the best type of fillers to overcome your issues and deliver an excellent result.


Prior to your fillers treatment in Hyderabad, our plastic surgeon will first mark the regions that they will inject. For increased comfort, numbing creams or injections may be employed. The fillers are then injected using a syringe and very fine needles. The effect lasts anywhere from four months to two years. Additional injections are required to sustain the effect after that.

Recovery & Aftercare

The amount of time it takes for each patient to recover varies depending on the type of filler used. You can resume most activities right away.However, it’s best to avoid strenuous physical activity for a couple of days to avoid swelling and bruising. Before scheduling your injections, talk to your doctor about your recovery plan.


  • Fine motor skills preservation.
  • Navigating complex hand anatomy.
  • Balancing stability with flexibility during reconstruction.

Why Choose Dr. YV Rao Clinics for Trauma Surgery Treatment in Hyderabad?

  • Dr. YV Rao Clinics boasts a team of highly skilled trauma surgeons with expertise in a wide range of trauma surgery procedures.
  • Our professionals are dedicated to providing comprehensive and effective care to individuals facing traumatic injuries.
  • We leverage state-of-the-art medical technology to enhance the precision and effectiveness of trauma surgeries.
  • Our commitment to staying at the forefront of medical advancements ensures that patients receive the best possible treatment options for their specific needs.

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