How To Control Hair Fall

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How To Control Hair Fall Treatment in Hyderabad

Hair fall is a common problem these days in both men and women. Although some hair fall is natural on-going process, excessive hair fall resulting in thinning of hair or baldness is a condition that can adversely affect the confidence level of the effected person and can be quite disturbing. It adds years to a person's age.

The positive thing is that hair fall can be controlled both by natural therapies and diet improvement and also by medical and surgical treatment. The treatment most suitable to a person depends upon many factors which must be considered before deciding on the course of action to be followed.

It is always better to go for simple and natural remedies which may definitely help to control the hair fall unless the condition is too serious or acute.

Hair massage, the traditional Indian method is a proven way to control hair fall. Getting massage with coconut oil, mustard oil or almond oil will increase the blood circulation in the scalp area stimulating hair growth and also giving a sense of relaxation and well being after a vigorous massage.

Some common precautions can also prevent hair fall. Combing the hair gently and not tying it too tight is recommended. Having a healthy diet is always good not only to prevent hair fall but also for general health and wellbeing. Plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and proteins and staying away from fast food, tinned and processed food ad fats always help.

Likewise, regular exercise rejuvenates the entire body, increases metabolism and helps the food intake to assimilate in the body and strengthen immunity of the body from many conditions including hair fall.

When the hair fall develops into a condition resulting in thinning of hair and baldness one should seek doctor's advice and decide on the line of treatment which may include hair transplantation. Dr Y V Rao Clinic is one of the renowned clinic in Hyderabad where the doctor will guide you with a proper diagnosis and treatment most appropriate to your condition.

How To Control Hair Fall Treatment in Hyderabad