Breast Augmentation Treatment in Hyderabad

Breast Augmentation Treatment in Hyderabad

Breast Augmentation Treatment in Hyderabad

Breast augmentation surgery overview

Breast augmentation surgery is gaining popularity and acceptability among women due to its personality enhancing and confidence building qualities. It is a surgical procedure that will increase the size, shape, proportion and fullness of breasts. This is done to take care of small, unshapely and disproportionate breasts.

The surgery aims to give proper enlargement to breasts so that they become more balanced in proportion to the body shape and size of a person. Breasts may be small or disproportionate either naturally or due to causes like pregnancy, weight loss, breast feeding or even injury.

Breast augmentation treatment involves breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles. The surgery is now widely acceptable as a self esteem enhancer and a confidence builder. It also creates a feeling among women about their distinct sexuality and womanhood.

Who Should Undergo A Breast Augmentation Treatment

Women may choose this treatment if they want larger and shapely breasts. The smaller breast size may be due to natural causes or due to certain biological or health issues like pregnancy, weight loss or other similar causes.

The smaller size or disproportionate breasts may become a major issue due to their inherent negative effect on a woman’s self esteem and consequent lowly feeling. Some important preconditions for undergoing a breast augmentation treatment are to have a good health and abstention from smoking at least two months prior to the surgery.

Breast Augmentation Treatment- Initial Examination For Suitability

Surgeons carefully examine the client’s suitability for the treatment in the initial consultation. Breast size, shape and proportion will be examined to determine the type, extent and size of implants. The bone anatomy of chest, skin and body shape are also considered to decide on the type and extent of implants and related issues.

An essential precondition for surgery is the overall good health of the client. Any health issues have to be discussed in detail with the client to arrive at the final decision.

Type Of Treatment Suited To A Client

Surgeons will interact and discuss in detail all the issues related to the surgery. They will advice the best type of implants suitable to the client’s body type and breast size. Implants may be either silicone or saline although silicone is a more preferred implant. The implants are modulated to suit the body profile of the client considering the amount of projection the implant could produce.

The client’s preference for the breast shape- round or tear shaped and breast texture is also considered by the surgeons. The incisions of the implants are decided to naturally merge with the breast crease or at any other relatively unobtrusive place where scars are least visible.

Usual Recovery Time Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation treatment is a surgical intervention involving few incisions and insertions of implants under general anaesthesia which will take some time to heal. It involves about one hour surgery time for each breast.

Surgeons take many precautions to ensure best results. A proper surgical dressing will ensure reducing healing time. This may include a support bra or a wrap and medications. The incision areas and bruising will recover in a fortnight depending on the extent of incisions. A complete recovery and active work can be resumed in a month or little more depending of the individual cases.

Breast Augmentation Treatment Surgeons In Hyderabad

Dr. Y.V Rao clinic in Hyderabad is becoming an important and reputed centre for breast augmentation treatment in Hyderabad. Dr.Rao and his team of surgeons and specialists will help a client decide on the type and extent of treatment most suitable and which is also cost effective and budget friendly.

Dr. Y.V Rao clinic in Hyderabad is known for performing many breast augmentation surgery procedures with increasing number of satisfied clients.

How Much A Breast Augmentation Treatment Costs

A breast augmentation surgery will be decided after a detailed discussion with the client. Surgeons will balance client’s preference with their own recommendation to arrive at the best type of implants. A budget friendly treatment may be arrived at which may cost between Rs.90000 to Rs. 120000 with some additional costs for medications and related clinical services.

Breast Augmentation Treatment And Health Insurance

Insurance companies do not cover such treatment in their conventional health policies as it falls under cosmetic surgery category.


1.Is breast augmentation treatment suitable for me?

A client can discuss in strict confidentiality her preferences and the need for surgery, the costs involved and the recovery time which will help to decide on the type extent and timing of the treatment.

2.Will the breasts look natural after the treatment?

Implants are used to enhance and give a proper shape to the breasts. Surgeons try their best to give results as close to a natural breasts as possible. There may be a difference between a client’s expectancy and results of a surgery but that will not be much of an issue if clients are receptive and surgeons empathetic to client’s expectations.

3.What are the risks involved in the surgery?

It is done under general anaesthesia but there are risks that have to be considered. Risks of infection, silicone leaks and other complications in some patients cannot be ruled out although these are few if compared to total number of surgeries performed.

Your Review of Breast Augmentation


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