Nose Surgery

The main motive behind getting a nose surgery is to make the nose proportionate to your face. Therefore the size of your nose is increased or decreased to achieve the desired look. Apart from improving your nose shape or correcting a crooked nose, this surgery also improves breathing, and now that is something very intriguing and useful at the same time. You are first sedated and then incisions are made inside the nose or outside the nose to separate both nostrils. Additional cartilage and bone are removed to decrease the size or cartilage grafts are used to improve the size. The nasal skin is then sutured to close the incision, and you are expected to use nose splints for few days to support the new nose structure.

Nose Surgery Cost

Nose Surgery costs around Rs.50,000 to 1.5 lakhs (770$ to 2500$) at Dr v y rao clinic in hyderabad, India. Dr Y V Rao is best in Ethical Treatment and give you Natural Results, His principles of Medicines are different than others, The treatment cost also varies based on surgery, Scans and medical ficilities, Contact our Hyderabad Office located at banjara Hills and Enquire about the best prices.