Skin Lightening/Whitening Treatment in Hyderabad

Skin Lightening/Brightening Treatment in Hyderabad


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Skin lightening or skin Brightening treatments are given to lighten skin color. A substance called as melanin is found in skin. Melanin is a dark pigment primarily formed when sun's UV radiation falls on exposed skin.

Thus, lightening or Brightening treatments essentially reduce the melanin content of the skin. Some of the common skin lightening treatments include skin peeling, brighten and lighten medifacial, skin hydration and glutathione injections.

We miss our childhood days a lot, and one more thing that we miss the most about our childhood is flawless, even-toned skin. As we grow up, our skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays of the sun which increases the quantity of melanin in our body thereby leading to the darkness of the skin. A legion of people especially women, often lose confidence and abstain from going in public if they look unattractive or have dark skin. Fortunately, you don't need to worry anymore as Skin lightening/Brightening is the ultimate solution to all such woes.

Skin Lightening or Brightening is a technique whereby mixtures, different substances and physical methods are used to lighten the color of the skin. The treatment targets towards decreasing the content of melanin in the body. This melanin is created due to body's exposure to sunlight. The treatment yields even skin tone devoid of any scar marks or dark spots. It is a treatment that gives you back your self-confidence and youthful even skin.

Benefits of Skin Brightening/Lightening

  • It is quite easy to maintain your skin post the treatment.
  • The treatment reduces melanin content and eradicates darker areas of the skin.
  • It helps in getting rid of scars, dark spots, hyperpigmentation.
  • The patient get even skin tone post the treatment.

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dr yv rao is an absolute delight! she is extremely knowledgeable with procedures and her skill is just perfection. she treats her clients with total professionalism and understanding. she is kind and caring. loved my visits with her. totally trust her! the result was perfection!