Genital Rejuvenation Treatment in Hyderabad

Genital Rejuvenation Treatment in Hyderabad


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Genital rejuvenation is a surgical procedure that helps in altering the genital anatomy. In the female, it improves the physical appearance of labia and makes the external genitalia more attractive. It is a highly specialized technique that enhances the vaginal area in women. In the male, genital rejuvenation relates to Penile Girth Enhancement and Penile Length Enlargement surgeries for a youthful appearance and better sex life.

The major surgeries under genital rejuvenation include

  • Hymenoplasty
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Labia Majora Fattening
  • Labia Minora Trimming
  • Clitoris Hoodectomy
  • Penile Girth Enhancement
  • Penile Length Enlargement


It is an aesthetic surgical procedure which requires deeper insight and profound experience to get the best result. The treatment is done under the guidance of specialized surgeons. It is conducted keeping the special needs of the patients in mind to obtain the desired result.


Genial rejuvenation improves the genital health as well as its overall appearance. It aids in giving a youthful look and perk up the sexual experience in both male and female. It also works in favor of existing medical conditions like urinary incontinence.

Side effects

If the procedure involves the use of energy-based genital rejuvenation devices it may lead to getting burning sensation and pain during sexual intercourse. Other than these, some common side effects are swelling, bruising, bleeding, light scarring and mild to moderate pain all of which depends upon how well the surgery is performed.

Why choose us

We have proficient surgeons who are qualified and have a good experience in performing genital rejuvenation surgeries. We make use of advanced technologies and tools to perform the surgery so that the chances of getting side effects cease completely. We take extra care in meeting the needs of patients and seize the chances of any risk and complication.

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