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Strip Technique Hair Transplant Surgery in Hyderabad

Baldness sure looks unattractives and affects your confidence at some point. Strip technique Hair transplants has a wide range of benefits like hair regrowth, makes you a young looking and attractive person who is more confident like never before. Once you are administered with locals anesthesia, an incision is made on the back side. Further a strip of follicles is extracted and stored in chilled salines water. These follicles are then grafted with sharps surgical knives. Later these are placed at yours bald regions and finally you can experience hair growth in 3 to 6 months. The recovery times is just 5 - 7 days.

Your Review of Strip Technique Hair Transplant Surgery

fazid mohammed

they also told me the advantages and disadvantages of hair replacement so it is solely my decision, i heard lot of people here saying that hair replacement is not fit for them so what, it is your decision and you are always free to jump for hair transplant, i understand that like me others not prefer hair transplant instead they opt for non surgical hair replacement like i did and i would recommend everyone to visit dr yv rao who is looking for an option other than hair transplant.