Fat Injections in Hyderabad

Fat Injections in Hyderabad

Fat Injections in Hyderabad

When a person starts ageing, their face gets trimmer and hollow in appearance. When the face or other parts of the body are puffy, it is associated with youthfulness. The good news is that there are fat injections that can remove the fat from your body (in the form of liquid) and can be injected in the hollow/trim area. Dr. YV Rao and team shall drain out fat from a body part and inject it to your face. There are no severe side effects after the procedure. However, the prospective patient must note the following aspects:

Local/General anaesthesia will be given to the patient before surgery in Hyderabad.

Approximately 1-.1.5 hour for the procedure.

No stitches are involved in the procedure.

The injected part will be swollen for 3-4 days. No rest is required after the procedure.

The fat injection procedure is 100% safe and the fat will be injected from your own body. Trust Dr. YV Rao as he is the finest doctor and specializes in liposuction in Hyderabad.

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