Body Surgery  in Hyderabad

Body Surgery in Hyderabad


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Body sculpting, through medical surgery, offers the patients with a reliable option to get rid of extra fat and skin that are insensitive to diet and exercise.

Body Surgery is a great way to fulfill the young women's desire of counter-fighting the aging process. Body Surgery alias Plastic Surgery is used to be confined to a procedure of skin grafting, but now tissue expansion and flap surgery have also overcome the market and attracting youngsters, who want to look good for long.

Body Surgery techniques, used at Dr Y V Rao clinic, are perfect and versatile according to the need of patients. We are well-known for helping patients to overcome their body issues. Our proven surgical tactics are considered best in India. We are known worldwide to provide efficient and quick results.

Process of Body Surgery

Skin grafting Method

Providing the best medication-based treatment facilities is our motto. We help you to gain your lost confidence in your beauty and body without any incision. The Skin grafting method is best for all kind of skin types, who have started facing aging problems. Youngster advised utilizing this method for better results in long run. In this process, a skin portion is taken from a healthy area of the body and grafted on the affected area.

Tissue Expansion Surgery

The procedure is performed to encourage the growth of extra skin, in order to replace the old and damaged skin. It is an excellent way of rejuvenating the body by healing the defected skin's deformities and gaining healthy skin. Reconstructing tissue expansion promotes the growth of supplementary skin in almost every area as needed. At our medical clinic, we provide best facilities to help recover patients from damages in the neck, face, hand, legs, arms and all other areas.

Flap Surgery

A new advanced technique which involves the transformation of a living tissue from one part of the body to another and there are blood vessels in it, which keep it alive during transformation.

Body Surgery Options at Dr Y V Rao Clinic

Tummy Stick: The tummy stick, or abdominoplasty, is a unique body sculpting surgery that combines associated with extra skin and fat from the midsection with the surgical tightening of the belly muscles. Abdominoplasty is typically offered as someone procedure, but may also be performed during full body lift surgery.

Arm Lift: Brachioplasty or arm lift is a procedure used to remove excess skin in the upper arm.

Bicep Implants: Bicep implants are being used to create muscular description and increased bulk in patients' arms.

Body Lift: Patients with intensive numbers of excess or dangling skin in multiple areas of the body may benefit from a more inclusive, larger scale body lift procedure.

Butt Augmentations: Buttock augmentation involves the insertion of butt enhancements to enhance the form, size, and look of the rear end.

Butt lift: Buttocks lift surgery or Brazilian bottom lift surgery, is an ever more common plastic surgery technique meant to firm and enhance a patient's rear end.

Calf Implants: Calf Implants through inserting the implants is a fantastic strategy to patients who are disappointed with the condition or size of their leg muscles.

Liposuction: Liposuction is the most popular technique of body contouring surgery since it allows him to re-sculpt specific areas of the body.

Thigh Lift: Thighplasty, or thigh lift surgery, is a popular cosmetic plastic surgery option for patients seeking more firm, more attractive upper thighs.

Why Utilize Body Surgery Facilities of Dr Y V Rao Clinic

Our experts are renowned and specialized in all over the world.

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Body Lift Surgery Cost

Body Lift Surgery costs around 1 lakh onwards (1500$) at Dr v y rao clinic in hyderabad, India. Dr Y V Rao is best in Ethical Treatment and give you Natural Results, His principles of Medicines are different than others, The treatment cost also varies based on surgery, Scans and medical ficilities, Contact our Hyderabad Office located at banjara Hills and Enquire about the best prices.

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