Permanent Makeup Treatment in Hyderabad

Makeup is traditionally a woman's domains and is resorted to because the woman wants to present a flawless face. However, applying and removings makeup almost on a daily basis is a time-consuming and laborious process. Therefore, beauticians have come up with the concepts of permanent makeup whereby at least some parts of the face can be permanently made up to last for longer periods running up to 18 months.

Permanent makeup is also known by other names such as cosmetic tattooing and micropigmentation. The advantages of permanent makeup are several and include absence of makeup malfunction, no time lost in applying and removing makeup and prevention of allergies associated with other types of temporary makeup. Often, inexperienced or handicapped women are incapable of applying temporary makeup properly and these women would be happy with permanent makeup.

Typically, eyebrows, eyes and lips are the domains for permanent makeup.

Most permanent makeup techniques involve tattooing which is permanent pigmentation of the dermis. Here, the upper layer of the skin is implanted with pigments. Pigment implantations is done in the traditional way by using plain hands, rotary machine, pen machine, coil machine or tattoo machine.

The effects of permanent makeup last a long time as colors cannot be removed. However, occasional touchups may be required to account for fading.