Hair Transplant Is FUE Honeymoon over


  • On an average around 1 lakh hairs are present all over scalp.
  • In a severely bald-nearly 70% of the hair is lost.
  • Of the remaining 30%, only limited quantities (approx 15-20%) belong to “SAFE” donor area from where, if grafts are harvested - stay on the scalp till the fag end of our life.
  • If grafts are taken (harvested) from "UNSAFE" donor area at the back of the head, they will fall off (lost) in the process of Balding.
  • That means only around 15,000 hairs (approx 7,000 grafts - each graft has 2 hairs on an average) can be harvested.
  • In FUE - If one graft is taken, we have to leave 3-4 grafts all around the harvested graft - to prevent Balding apprearance on the back of the head.
  • So, if 7,000 grafts are there in SAFE donor area , the ultimate yield by FUE is only 3000 - 4000 grafts on an average ( In our life time).
  • These 4000 grafts are NOT enough to cover the entire Baldness, especially in severe grades ( gr5, gr6, gr7).


  • So present tendency is to find other donor sources of hair (if available - Beard , chest...).
  • Not all people have good Beard (below jaw) and chest hair.
  • Hence- there is a RENEWED Interest in FUT ( strip method) along with FUE as a COMBINATION, In these days for procuring more grafts especially if Balding tendency is severe, which can NOT be predicted correctly.