Hair Treatment in Hyderabad

General Facts About Hair

Healthy hair has an average lifetime of 2 - 6 years. Fallen hair grows back after 3 - 4 months of resting period called telogen. If the conditions are not favourale for regrowth, the hair continues to remain in telogen.

No person ever goes bald because the hair is falling, people go bald because fallen hair is not replaced with new hair.

How to get rid of dry hair?

Oil and fat content in the diet provides the fatty acids required show shine, bounce, luster on the hair. Do not go on a fat free diet. Have minimum 20% calories from fat. You can use 10 - 15 drops of a mixture of coconut oil and til/sesame oil only over the outer surface of the hair to coat the shafts of the hair to coat the shafts after styling to correct the dyness.

Is Keratin Treatment useful? Does it damage hair?

Keratin coats the hair, makes it heavy, causing it to pull out and fall. Keratin treatment done in weak hair will caude excessive hair fall. Once the hair is pre-treated with a good comprehensive nutritional to strengthen and then if keratin is used, it will make the hair easy to manage and uniformly shiny, more presentable.

10% of your hair is always in a flux

This hair will keep responding to external factors like pollution, stress, UV rays, sleep cycles, improper nutrition, humidity, climatic variations etc.

  • We ignore the fact that the other 90% hair can be immediately made to grow better.

Plus the 10% weak hair can be strengthened and protected by a well planned nutrition program to reduce the hair loss.