Ageing Face Treatment in Hyderabad



Many a time we asses the age of a person by lokking at the face so ‘Face’ is the window of our age. Many creams are being used to decrease or reverse the changes of aging of face like-excessive skin folds over fore head, cheeks, jaw, chin, neck or entire face. But after certain time, operation may be needed to give the sagging face a youthfull appearance. The basic principle in surgery for aging face is simple-moliculous lifting up of the sagging of not only skin, but also of underlying muscles upwards and removing the excess skin. It can be day care or requires 1-2 days of hospital stay.

For Dynamic Wrinkles  (Wrinkles that appear only on expression):

-Botox Injections.

For Static Wrinkles (Wrinkles that re already formed):

-Very fine wrinkles- Peeling / Lasers
-Moderate wrinkles in middle age Thraed Lifting
-Coarse wrinkles-Surgical Face Lift