Nose Surgery in Hyderabad, India

Nose Surgery in Hyderabad, IndiaThe main motive behind getting a nose surgery is to make the nose proportionate to your face. Therefore the size of your nose is increased or decreased to achieve the desired look. Apart from improving your nose shape or correcting a crooked nose, this surgery also improves breathing, and now that is something very intriguing and useful at the same time. You are first sedated and then incisions are made inside the nose or outside the nose to separate both nostrils. Additional cartilage and bone are removed to decrease the size or cartilage grafts are used to improve the size. The nasal skin is then sutured to close the incision, and you are expected to use nose splints for few days to support the new nose structure.

The nose is a prominent part of the face and its size and shape can make or mar your appearance. With today’s cosmetic surgery technologies you can reshape and resize your nose to complement the rest of your face and make you appearance as pleasing and attractive as possible. You can opt for nose surgery at the Dr Y V Rao Clinics in Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam where cosmetic surgery experts will reshape and resize your nose. 

Benefits of Nose Surgery 

By undergoing nose surgery your benefits include 

  • Nose size and shape matching rest of the face 
  • Beautiful face with a beautiful nose
  • Nice textured nose
  • Smooth nose with bumps and crookedness removed
  • Improved breathing as internal structure is realigned
  • Confidence booster 

Nose Surgery 

Nose Surgery involves making incisions to perform inside or outside nose surgery under local or general anesthesia. The procedure involves

  • Lifting nose to access internal structure
  • Removing bone and cartilage to reduce size of nose or perform cartilage graft to increase size of nose
  • Correcting deviated septum to improve breathing
  • Restoring nasal skin by suturing the incisions
  • Using nose splints to assist recovery
  • Suturing and toning remaining skin
The surgery takes 1-8 hours depending on the complexity of the surgery. Recovery takes up to 4 weeks after spending 1-3 days at the clinic post surgery. 

Nose Surgery Cost

The cost varies from Rs 20,000 to Rs 2,50,000 depending on the complexity of the nasal problem.


There are no appreciable side effects and if at all they include

  • Fluid accumulation
  • Swelling
  • Pain

Dr Y V Rao Clinic in Hyderabad or Vishakhapatnam is the best place to undergo nose surgery to overcome any appearance or breathing issues.

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