Lipoma Removal

At Dr Y V Rao clinic, you can now easily remove those fatty lumps located at the subcutaneous tissues of your body. It is a benign tumor movable under the skin, predominantly made of fatty deposits. Being a genetic disorder, and almost harmless, it is often ignored. Known to provide quick and effective results, our team can perform the lipoma removal procedure to precision, at any part of the body.

Process of Lipoma Removal

Our state-of-the-art surgical procedures, well established and comprehensive diagnostic tools provides the best results. The process removes the deposits of fatty tissues under the skin. Our team also undertakes comprehensive diagnosis on the lump to ensure that the lump is benign and not a type of tumor. We perform lipoma removal on people of all ages and genders.

Our team performs the surgery under general anaesthesia. Generally, for lipoma removal excision biopsy procedure, an authentic method is followed. An incision is made to remove the lump, which is likely to leave permanent scarring.

At Dr Y V Rao clinic, we take immense care to reduce and minimize the appearance of scars. We perform the surgery with minimal incision to remove the lumps. Even in case of multiple lumps, we remove the lumps with single incision.

Why you may Need it?

Lipoma Removing is a surgical treatment that requires the removal of a lipoma. It is the most frequent type of gentle tissue tumor. It is a benign tumor primarily composed of extra fat. A Lipoma Removal involves the skin and underlying damaged tissues, typically on the again, arms, and legs. A Lipoma Removal procedure is performed for the following reasons:

  • Improve visual appearance (for cosmetic reasons)
  • If the benign tumor is an "annoyance".
  • In some cases, a diagnosis of lipoma needs to be confirmed. Associated with the lump (lipoma) for a definitive diagnosis is oftentimes necessary, to ensure that the lump is not just a type of tumor
  • In unusual cases, for the elimination of cancer, such as liposarcoma, which can come up with longstanding lipomas

Our Main services comprise of

  • Lipoma Removal
  • Liposuction
  • Injection of Steroid

Who needs Lipoma Removal?

The people with following medical conditions will need to opt for Lipoma Removal procedure

  • Multiple lumps / excessive lumps
  • Multiple lumps / excessive lumps
  • Experience cosmetic discomfort with lumps
  • Lumps outgrows

Why choose us for Lipoma Removal?

  • Our team is specialized in excision of the painless masses
  • We are the best in lipoma removal procedure in Hyderabad
  • Celebrities, sports personalities, and high profile patients trust us
  • We offer a myriad of surgical and non-surgical method
  • Guaranteed results, along with great affordability
  • Low maintenance, save time
  • No pain or risk
  • A day care procedure and quick recovery

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