BreastLift And Breast Reduction In Hyderabad



Making of new breast, to replace the removed breasts, is popularly known as breast reconstruction. At Dr Y V Rao's Clinic, our team focuses on implementing this procedure for the patients, victimized by breast cancer. Recognizing the importance of the body and its part for a human, specifically a woman, we understand that it's an important and must-do thing to recover from cancer's trauma.

Breast reconstruction has overpowered the entertainment industry also. Nowadays, young women are adopting breast surgery for improving their breast formations.

A female patient, 25 years old, wanted to explore the modeling field. Her wish to get a more confident look took her to our clinic for the treatment, as she got a reference from her friend. She needed this treatment as her breasts were making her insecure during auditions, where she can’t flaunt off her cleavage and hence lacks a more feminine look.

The surgeons at our medical center enabled her to live all those dreams, by giving the best treatment. We fist gave her complete consultation, along with checking her health and medical history. The breast augmentation surgery helped her get round and full breasts with natural cleavage. Being the best clinic in Hyderabad, the implant process was carried out under the surveillance of our brilliant doctor, giving the desired results to the patient.