Best Lipoma And Skin Lumps Surgery In Hyderabad


                                                                                    Before Lipoma Removal                   After Lipoma Removal

At Dr. Y V Rao clinic, you can now easily remove those fatty lumps located at the subcutaneous tissues of your body. It is a benign tumor movable under the skin, predominantly made of fatty deposits. Being a genetic disorder, and almost harmless, it is often ignored. Known to provide quick and effective results, our team can perform the lipoma removal procedure to precision, at any part of the body.

Lipoma or tumor, showing abnormal growth may tense anyone in this world. Our 30-year old patient has these tumors in his whole body and wanted the treatment at the earliest. He came to us from Uttar Pradesh where someone referenced us as the best clinic in Hyderabad.

In order to provide the best treatment, we admitted him. A total of 14 Lipomas were removed by our best doctor during this surgery. He also removed a tiny amount of fat, which was wrapping the Lipomas. It was done to ensure the removal of Lipoma cells. The whole process was carried out under local anesthesia to prevent any pain. The main found the treatment extremely effective and quick as all his problems were resolved in no time.