Male Breast Surgery / Gynecomastia

We, at Dr Y V Rao Clinic, utilizes male breast reduction technique that uses newest of equipment and qualified and experienced staff members to improvise you into something better. We provide most effective known treatment for Gynecomastia, in risk-free condition. Removal of excess fat from the unwanted region has never been so hassle-free.

Male Breast Surgery / Gynecomastia Cost

Male Breast Reduction Surgery costs around Rs.45,000 to 1 lakh (1500$) at Dr v y rao clinic in hyderabad, India. Dr Y V Rao is best in Ethical Treatment and give you Natural Results, His principles of Medicines are different than others, The treatment cost also varies based on surgery, Scans and medical ficilities, Contact our Hyderabad Office located at banjara Hills and Enquire about the best prices.