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Glow Medifacial Treatment in Hyderabad

Dead skin cells on the face give skin an emaciated look. Just by removing the dead cells and revealing the younger looking skin beneath gives the face a glowing look. This can be accomplished by a treatment known as glow medifacial. This method uses a chemical solution containing acids such as trichloroacetic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, carbolic acid or glycolic acid. The dead cells are dissolved in the solution and peeled off leaving the original skin in all its pristine glory.

Glow MediFacial is a kind of rehydration therapy that targets to hydrating the skin that has lost its moisture for reasons that are internal and external in nature. Glow MediFacial is an intensive therapy performed on the surface of the skin to rejuvenate the cells on its surface. Human skin tends to lose its natural hydration due to various reasons. When this happens, the skin tends to look dry and dull. This dryness leads to itching and other complications. Glow Medifacial therapy helps the skin to get back the lost moisture with the help of the enzymes used in the mask during the process. Glow Medifacial helps maintain the skin in a blemish free manner when done on fixed periodicities as recommended by the Dermatologist.

Benefits of Glow MediFacial

  • Restores radiance of the skin through a mild therapy process.
  • Moisturizes skin making it look healthy.
  • Rehydrates the cells on the surface of the skin so the skin looks glowing and attractive.
  • Revitalizes & rejuvenates cells inside out so the skin does not look sagging and unhealthy.
  • Makes the skin look youthful at all points of time.

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Glow Medifacial Treatment in Hyderabad