Brighten Medifacial Treatment in Hyderabad

Brighten Medifacial Treatment in Hyderabad

Brightening medifacial is accomplished by clarifying and exfoliation. A combination of ultrasound and chemical peeling serves the purpose of reversing sun damaged skin, reducing pigmentation and improving skin texture. Another method used is the laser brightening medifacial that uses a combination of passing low electric (galvanic) current through the skin to remove dead cells on the upper surface of the skin and using mild peeling agents. This treatment is useful for sensitive skin.

Maintenance of skin is essential, especially in the winters. Our skin is exposed to pollutants, dust, adverse weather conditions and wind which makes it lose its freshness. Women go to saloons to make their eyebrows, trim the hair, and it is equally important to maintain the suppleness, cleanness of skin and keep it in sound health. A facial is requisite each month as it helps in maintaining your skin and restoring its radiance. Brighten and Lighten MediFacial maintains the texture and healthiness of the skin. The treatment uses medical pigment lightening agents. The agents come with ionic properties that lighten and brighten the skin. Enzymes are used in the treatments that are the mildest peeling agents that help in revitalizing the skin.

The treatment brightens the skin and leads to even skin tone. It eradicates dark spots, acne scars and keeps the texture of skin smooth. Rough skin is common in winters but regular MediFacial keeps the skin soft and shiny.

Benefits of Brighten and Lighten Medifacial

  • The treatment whitens/brightens the skin giving out even skin tone
  • It alleviates pigment spots
  • It is effective against sallow looking skin
  • The treatment counteracts dark circles
  • It helps in getting rid of tanned skin
  • It reduces acne marks.

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dr yv rao explains about the treatment and after complete the treatment result is very good thank you sir.

mallineni haritha

i was really had good experience with doctor and staff nurses."treatment is provided with best facilities in a nominal price.dr yv rao done a good job.