Face Cosmetic and FaceLift Surgery in Hyderabad


To attain perfection in looks and appearance, the face has to be attractive and flawless. Human tendency of desiring that he/she should look better than others can never end. Our success endeavors in face surgery are the meant to correct the defective or traumatized part of the face, fulfilling that age-old desire of human race.

The treatment of face surgery involves restoring the beauty of face, damaged due to several reasons. In our patient’s case, the reason was paralysis. She has the right complete facial paralysis. A giant cholesteatoma was removed from her face, causing the distortion. The patient was suffering from this trauma from a long duration and thus, wanted the best treatment from our team.

Several procedures, including a lip symmetry procedure and static sling suspension, she took around 7 months to recover. The best doctors from our team treated her in this duration. Seeing her smile after the completion of course, she found us the best clinic in the country. Her smile was the biggest gift we received that day.