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Hair Loss has become a mass problem in India owing to the fact that heavy air pollution, busy lives and unhealthy diet condition. Hair treatment varies from people to people and we, at Dr Y V Rao, ensure that this condition is fulfilled as a primary point.

A native patient, belonging to Hyderabad, came to us with the complaint of male pattern hair loss. The problem was genetic, as he told before the treatment during the consultation. Thinning was visible on his head, distressing him even more.

The patient was already under medication from last 2 month but barely saw any changes. His information, related to family history of hair pattern loss helped us diagnose the male androgenetic alopecia very quickly. Providing the best treatment, our clinic started the hair transplantation program. The Hair transplantation went successful and painless for the client. He found us the best clinic. The visible improvement, which was impossible without the efforts of our best doctors, made him relieved and happy.