Acne Buster MediFacial Treatment in Hyderabad

Acne Buster Medifacial Treatment in Hyderabad

Acne is a result of several imbalances in diet, stress levels and hormones. These imbalances cause oil glands in hair follicles to secrete more oil called as sebum which finds its way to the surface of the skin carrying dead cells. These cells block the pores accumulating sebum. If sebum gets infected by bacteria it results in acne. To remove these, an acne buster medifacial treatment is employed. The treatments include dynamic pulse light or any one of the peels. The treatment promotes growth of healthy cells, evens out sebum production and reduces pore size.

Acne Buster Medi Facial is a facial process that focuses in purifying the surface of the skin in order to avoid acne formation. Ampule and chemical peels are used on the surface of the skin to clear the bacterial present in the same. The steaming process removes all impurities from the pores on the surface of the skin. This cleans the pores on the surface of the skin over which an oxygen mask is applied. This mask hydrates the skin to a great extent decongesting it completely. The complete process makes the skin bacteria free putting a full stop further damage to the skin cells.

Benefits of Acne Buster MediFacial

  • Acne Buster Medi facial provides relief to the skin from damage caused because of free radicals.
  • The process hydrates the skin providing it the required moisture to make it look rich and shiny.
  • The process helps people to get rid of Acne making the surface of the skin blemish free.

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sandeep bandari

loved the treatment by dr yv rao he hospital is a bit expensive one when compared to the other cosmetic and skin clinics .

ramesh kanna

i was really had good experience with doctor and staff nurses. "treatment is provided with best facilities in a nominal price.