Dr.P. Jayanth Prasad MPT
Dr.P. Jayanth Prasad MPT, Kadapa

Thanks to Dr Y V Rao sir no words to describe about my HT results. Its like dream for me to grow hair on my scalp. Thanks a lot for making my dream come true. Dr Y V Rao hair transplantation center is an ultimate solution for all hair problems sir, along with this team gave rebuilt for my hair. Thankyou very much.

Grudeep Lal
Grudeep Lal, Hyderabad

Very much satisfied with the procedure and the care taken. This i think is one of the best experience to get this Kind of surgery done. The staff and the doctor are very friendly and assist you as you want with a smile.

Mrs.S.G.Mahapatra, Kommadi, Visakhapatnam

I thank to Dr Y V Rao for giving me a new lease of life with perfect Breast Reconstruction Surgery. I've got back my confidence and best for life. Thanks a lot for his team members who are so friendly and professional.

Dr. Ananth S. Pullela
Dr. Ananth S. Pullela,Senior Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist,Hyderabad

Excellent hair transplant surgeon in india without any shadow of doubt. Extremely professional, totally painless surgery, staff are excellent, polite and courteoces. Mr. Sidhu, counsellor is extremely efficient. Highly recommended.

Dr.S.Anis Ahmed
Dr.S.Anis Ahmed, Rashid Hospital, Dubai(U.A.E)

Thank you Dr Y V Rao and team for considering me on 11th hour for hair transplantation. An 8 hrs pain less procedure, friendly and professional staff, post Op surgical care, every thing is excellent.

It encourages me to tell other persons to go for HT that too at Dr Y V Rao Clinic. Thank you once again.

Sudhir D.V
Sudhir D.V, Hyderabad

I am extremely thankful to all of yoy for taking very good care of me througout the hair transplantprocess.It was a very difficult decision for me to finalize the Ht Route to help with my hair loss problem. I am very glad to have chosen the best clinic with high technical experise.

I have done very good online research on HT and clinics in HYD, I am glad that i did not fall for some clinic's who perform lot of marketing. Initially i was very nervous, but the staff were ver cordial and talked me into various topics to calm me down. They always kept me informed of next steps in the process so i was mentally prepared.Dr Y V Rao was very soft spoken and kept me slowly involved in various topic.

Swamy Akkisetti
Swamy Akkisetti, Hyderabad

I am very thankful for the whole team in demonstrating highly proffesional Ethics. I felt no pain throughout the process, even when they gave me Anesthisia. When i went home, I was waiting for the pain to begain after the Anesthisia dies down. Except for minor Itchina sensation, I did not feel any pain even in the stiches area.

I am not sore how my Hair Growth will look like, but i am very happy with the staff giving 120% of their effort in helping me with HT. Thankyou all again. Look forward for referrals of my friends and family to your esteemed clinic.

Ameenu Rahman
Ameenu Rahman, Hyderabad

In addition to the excllent job being done here, If patient's accomplish is allowed to be in the OT, It would be reassuring to the patient. I f provision is made to enable some one to want the friendly obtained graft numbers.

It would be more confidence inspiringon the part of the patient. Not because one doubts the integrity of center, but because the patient can be undoubtedly sure whatsover in the event the hairs dont grow to the expected levels to answer all my queries even during the procedure. I would like to especially thank Mr.yugendran and Ms.kalyani for having taken extreme efforts of the time take. It would be my privilege to refer patients to your concern from chennai. If any of you Patients from chennai would be willing to undergo HT, I would not mind sharing my experiences and results either in phone or in person with them.

P. Jemin Josoph
P. Jemin Josoph, Venkatapuram, Secunderabad

Before the surgery i was a bit afroid in undergoing the operation. Dr Y V Rao have given the confidence that it would be minimal pain process so i went through the surgery. I am very thankful to the team you ther experties and friendly nature that helped me to undergo the surgery without any pain.

The team was very helpful during and after the surgery by sugesting every step. I would highly recommend anyone to go through HT surgery is reiessary with Y V Rao.

Rajesh, T Nagar, Chennai

I have a lot to write about the expertise and the highly professional attitude of Dr Y V Rao and his team including Mr. Yugendher, Deepak, Satyanarayana, Ms.Suhasini, Ms. Sujatha, Ms. Uma, Ms. Kalyani, Ms. Srujana and Ms. Durga.

All these members took extreme care lot to waste even one hair. To be short - They did an extraordinary job in doing the HT and i am highly satisfied with the job done. I highly recommend anyone who want to get HT in a highly professional and also economical ways. Thanks to all.

Kiran Babu
Kiran Babu, Washington,DC USA

I had two sittings previously done in USA (Dr. Bossley's Place) with 2500 & 2100 Grafts Respectively. The procedure done by Dr Y V Rao is painless compared to procedures done in USA. Dr Y V Rao uses advanced techniques to extract maximum tissues and transplants the same with best price in the market. I found the procedure is value for money. I wish good luck to Dr Y V Rao and his team. I would definitely recommend this transplantation center to other

B. Naveen
B. Naveen, Hyderabad

I am extremely satisfied with doctor. He has covered my bold, it was appearing like natural and me cooperation of team is very good, They taken care like they are doing for own brother and most important this is cost is very less compared to the outside market.

Baru Sunil Chowdary
Baru Sunil Chowdary, Hyderabad

Thanks to Dr Y V Rao and all the staff for giving my previous look back and people are shocked to see me again like this

Suman, Hyderabad

Dr Y V Rao and his staff are very friendly and helpful throughout my surgery. They put on maximum effort to get my previous look back.

S.Gopinath, Hyderabad

First of all i would like to thank Dr Y V Rao's for attending my case i was really satisfied and also would like to thank to all the staff for taking care and their service.

Bharat Kumar
Bharat Kumar, Hyderabad

This was my first surgery. I would like to thank Dr Y V Rao and his team for conducting a comfartable and relaxed surgery. The degree of professionalism and rapid action, Created a great level of mental comfort enabling a successful surgery. I would recommend future aspirants to make use of the services here.

Katam. Sarika Reddy
Katam. Sarika Reddy, Hyderabad

I thank to the doctor Y V Rao for bringing me everlasting happiness through my nose surgery. I felt very happy after my nose surgery which i lost from my childhood. Once again am very thankful to the doctor who is in the form of god to made me very happy in my life.

Bhargavi, Hyderabad

I This was my fourth surgery. I did other three surgeries in the united states from overrated surgeon. I received no personal care from the U.S Clinic had from start to finish, we were made to feel welcome and the post operative can was excellent. Dr Y V Rao performed more grafts in my procedure than in my first two American procedures combined. I'd like to say I'll be back, but let's hope this fourth procedure is my last !.

Lakshmi, Hyderabad

Thanks to Dr Y V Rao and all the staff! 10/10 Very professional team from start to finish, coming from the other side of the world, is was well worth the trip. I highly recommend a HT to anyone at this clinic, The graphs I received exceeded my expectation. I definitely will return for a second surgery, if need me in the future. Thank you very much!

Jagadish Thakur
Jagadish Thakur, Hyderabad

I thank from bottom my heart to Dr Y V Rao for the surgery. I feel very lucky to meet him and get done my hair transplant surgery by him. My family members and friends were shock to see my hair back and could not believed this miracle. The transplanted hair were look so natural that in hard to recognize is that were transplanted. Thanks once again to the entire Doctor team for their contribution to make this hair transplanted surgery successful. I feel proud and refer to my friends and family relatives to get done hair transplant by Dr Y V Rao where even they are worried about baldness.

D.S.Srinivas Naveen Reddy
D.S.Srinivas Naveen Reddy, Hyderabad

I'm writing this to thank Dr Y V Rao for his treatment of hair transplantation. I was suffering from hair loss problem and this was always a worry for me. I lost my self confidence and was dejected in life. I was searching for one and luckily by god's glory I watched a television show where Dr Y V Rao sir was answering all the hair loss issues and hair transplantation.

I approached them and the way they treated me was really great. The surgery process very simple and in a week time i got my original look back with an added glam look. I wish the team and Y V Rao sir, all the best and Wish them to achieve many more endeavors in life !!