Permanent Eye Makeup Surgery in Hyderabad

Permanent eye makeup aims to enhance eyes. It consists of applying permanent eye liner on the upper and lower eyelids. Eye liners can be drawn to make the eyes look soft or defined by a line. Eye shadow can be permanently created in different styles with different colors.

Our eyes speak a lot about our persona. Beautiful eyes compliment our personality and make us look attractive. Women love to apply makeup in their eyes and flaunt their beauty. But, in this fast pacing world, there are instances where we hardly get time to devote to our makeup. Hopefully, with Dr. Y.V. Rao's Permanent eye makeup, you don't need to worry about doing your eye makeup again and again.

Permanent eye makeup involves permanent eyeliner, eyeshadow, and eyebrow penciling so that you can skip applying such cosmetics daily. Permanent eyeliner lines both the top and bottom eyelids thereby making your eyes look pretty. It creates a soft look and enhances your appearance. The liner does not get smeared and is not washed off by water. Permanent eyeshadow can also be applied. You can choose a color of your choice or go for colors that will match with every look and attire. You may also choose from different styles of eyeshadows. The treatment frees you from the hassles of applying eye makeup regularly and saves your time and money.

Benefits of Permanent Eye Makeup

  • The treatment makes your eyes look attractive.
  • Permanent liner is smudge-proof and curbs the need to reapply it regularly.
  • Permanent eyeshadow makes you party-ready 24x7.