Operative Hysteroscopy Treatment in Hyderabad

It is a minimal access surgery with the help of which the different problems with the uterus are identified and treated. It utilizes an endoscopic optical lens to insert into the endometrial cavity through the cervix. It helps in directing the treatment of different types of intrauterine pathological issues.  It not only treats infertility problems but can also assist in removing the growths like fibroids or cysts from the uterus. It can also cure the problem of abnormal bleeding.

Moreover, operative hysteroscopy is also performed when Asherman’s Syndrome occurs in which fertility and menstrual flow are significantly affected. Besides, in case the Uterine Septum is found which is a defect in the uterus from the birth, operative hysteroscopy could help in overcoming the fertility issues. Being a minimally invasive surgical procedure, women may resume work after one of surgery.

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