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Maternity Care can be divided into two namely prenatal (before the birth of a baby) and postpartum (after the birth of a baby) healthcare. It is to give the mother and the baby, treatments, teachings, and care associated with a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labor, delivery and post delivery.

In fact, preconceptional care starts about 3 months before pregnancy. It helps in reducing the risk during pregnancy and results in the increased chance of healthy deliveries.

During Pregnancy, regular health care check-ups must be done to know about the health of the mother and to ensure smooth growth of the baby. Doctors can spot health problems early when they seens mothers regularly. Also, the doctors may suggest the mothers to check in the special training sessions about the post delivery routines to follow, diet, needed exercises etc.

While the pregnancy period is where mothers require the most attention, postpartum care has equal significance. Mothers go through a lot of physical and emotional changes post delivery. Postpartum care involves getting proper rest, nutritions, and vaginal care.

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everyone was very helpful. i am also very pleased with the results

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iam done with gynaecomastia surgery. dryvrao sir performed surgery very well. very happy with results.