Fertility Evaluation Treatment in Hyderabad

In order to assess the fertility of individuals, physical, medicals and sexual examination is done. Men undergo semen analysis where sperm count, sperm movement and sperm structure are evaluated. Fertility assessment helps in knowing the abnormality of the Y chromosome if any so that further treatments can be made. In severe cases, blood test, radiology, and even ultrasound are also done.

In the case of females, checking the ovulation and knowing whether it is occurring or not is done foremost. Blood tests are done to determine and monitor different hormones present in the body. Besides, infertility evaluation ultrasound examinations of the ovaries are also performed. It also gives a fair idea about any fertility issue. If the results of ovulation come normal, other standardized tests are carried out to find the problem. Uterus and fallopian tubes are also examined in different tests.

Fertility Evaluation
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i have get it done treatment in this clinic nice place & i am happy with treatment.

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iam very much satisfied with treatment approach.thank u.