Antenatal Care Treatment in Hyderabad

The care attained by women durings pregnancy by healthcare professionals is called as antenatal care. It is also called as prenatal care or maternity care in which you are offered appointments after regular intervals from the midwife, gynaecologist or obstetrician. Antenatal care should be started as soon as you know about the pregnancy. The basic thought behind giving antenatal care is ensuring that both baby and mother remain hale and hearty throughout the journey of pregnancy.

Antenatal care includes checking the health of baby and mother, giving useful information which helps in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. It briefs you about healthy eating practices, exercises, medicines and supplements required during the three trimesters. You may discuss your doubts and resolve your queries with the doctor during every antenatal appointment. They also include classes which comprise breastfeeding workshops, baby's care, dealing with emotional turmoil during pregnancy and much more.

Antenatal Care
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